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Rooftop Prince Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : Rooftop Prince
Genre : Historical, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
No. of Episodes : 20
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“Even if you didn’t come to meet me, I’m just going to like you.” – Park Ha

“As long as you have the memories, you can be with that person forever.” – Park Ha

“Don’t cry, you will have good memories from now on.” – Lee Gak

“Even after 300 years I’ll still be loving you.” – Park Ha

“A human being may lose his memories, but not his ability.” – Tae Mu

“Do you know how much I looked for you? Writing a measly letter and not being reachable by phone, are you planning to kill me out of shock? Why are you rendering me to such a state? Why did you make me like this? My heart felt as if it’s shriveled up all day yesterday, and my heart was racing and felt as if it was going to explode and I felt so exasperated, and I felt asphyxiated even when I was breathing and seriously thought I was going to go crazy! Despite how much I shouted and stomped my feet, it didn‘t make me feel better, even in the slightest! But now, after seeing your face, I think I understand. I had wanted to see you all day yesterday. I like you.” – Lee Gak

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