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Hi My Sweetheart Quotes | Taiwanese Drama Quotes

“As long as you remember, no matter if it’s Lin Da Lung or Xue Hai, I will forever be the big idiot that truly, truly loves you… that’s enough.” – Da Lung

“I like you calling me ugly mushroom head. I like you hitting me 800 times a day. I like the voice you have when you read English. I like you being drunk and me carrying you back home. I like that you sleep in class but you are very serious when writing a report. I like you liking Pink Panther like me and you know who his best friend is. I like you. Even though you’re obviously not the type of girl I would like, but I just like you.” – Da Lung

“Ah, you can’t do ‘that’ to me. This is the library.” – Da Lung

“Maybe this mushroom head never wants to meet me again. So, I’m asking him to move out. And letting a new tenant move in. Lastly, I want to tell him: No matter where you are, I hope you find happiness.” – Bao Zhu

“He’s like a big blank that will cover me and let me cuddle inside and cry. When the sun is out, I just have to bring it out to the light and slap it a bit, and then it will go back to its original form and warmth.” – Bao Chu

“If you’ve ever done anything bad, everyone will forever label you as the bad person.” – Bao Zhu

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