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[Etude House] Strawberry Sponge Curls

One of the Korean Merchandise I've purchased and use is this.
I found about this on the drama Dream High 2, remember? the one Rian (Jiyeon) used?
It's so adorable that I searched all my sources to have one.

Jiyeon's Strawberry Sponge Rolls

Name of Item: Strawberry Sponge Curls
Bought From: Etude House
Price: $4.5 - $6.99
Sets per Pack: 4 sets (2 Red, 2 Pink)
Good for: 1 Set for thinner hair
2 Set for thicker hair
Quality: Very Good

How to Use?
▷ Semi dry hair  or spritz hair with water.
▷ Divide the hair into sections. (Depends on how many strawberry rolls you have).
▷ Roll the hair from top to bottom, and don't forget to secure it by twisting the rolls.
▷ Leave it on for 1-2 hours, depending on how curly you want it to be.
▷ Remove the curlers.

▷ Heat free curls.
▷ Hair friendly
▷ Lasts up to 4 hours without hairsprays.

I'm not sure with the price when I bought it. It was too long ago so I forgot about the exact price.
The price given above is provided for a guide and an internet / blog source only.
Sorry I can't provide my own photo for the result. I actually can't find those photo's I've taken before.
But promise it works. ^___^

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