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Romance Town Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

“I also don’t want to like you. But even so, if we were able to hold back our unwanted feelings, would we be human? Just like how I can’t control other people’s feelings, sometimes I can’t control my feelings as well. If people are able to control when their heart beats, then they’re definitely not human. One’s heart cannot be controlled.” – Soon Geum

“Who told you to wear something that’s worth 18 million won? On top of that, having your hair and make-up done. That is to say, a complete head-to-toe transformation! But no one recognized you, right? That’s how it is these days. Although you’re still No Seun Gum on the inside, you are only judged by your appearance – nothing else. This is society’s nauseating attitude nowadays.” – Ahjumma

“I prefer fatty. The person I used to know… that extremely fat fatty was a kind person… gentle and considerate too. He was also very innocent and sincere.” – Soon Geum

“Even if you’re a fool or someone naive, I’ll still like you. Even if you are fat or poor, I will still like you. It’s okay if your cooking is worse than mine, and it’s okay if you can’t babysit as well as I can, because I can do all of those things. It’s okay if you can’t drink as well as I can, it’s okay if you don’t know how to have fun like me. It’s okay if you’re pettier than me since you don’t hold grudges. It’s okay if you’re meaner than me because you have a kind heart.” – Soon Geum

“Can you let me understand you better? Because this is the first time I’ve met a special woman like you who is always on my mind…” – Young Hee

“I hate that you don’t have the insight. I hate that you shamelessly returned despite being kicked out. I hate that you don’t even seem to have the slightest self-respect. And also the fact that you used San as your ‘heart-wrenching’ excuse to return. Back to this hell-hole.” – Gun Woo

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