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The Princess' Man Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 공주의 남자
English Title : The Princess' Man
Genre : Historical, Romance
No. of Episodes : 24 + Special
Original Channel : KBS
Original Run : July 20, 2011 – October 6, 2011
The Princess' Man OST
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(Episode 2)

"How can a man understand what a woman feels?"
Se Ryung

(Episode 5)

"Brooding over the past is not a true man's way."
Jong Seo

(Episode 6)

"The heart going out to someone, can't that be stopped?"
Seung Yoo

(Episode 7)

"Fighting with a friend over a woman. It's not conducive to a peaceful state of mind."
Prince SuYang

(Episode 8)

"When the girl I like is treasured in my heart, how can I spend my whole life with another woman?"
Seung Yoo

"It's alright even if I can't see him ever again. I just hope he can live."
Se Ryung

(Episode 12)

"How long exactly, how long must I wait until you turn your head and see me? Do you know how much that sight of your back is hurting me?"
Sin Myun

(Episode 13)

"If it is wrong right now, how can it be a right choice in the future?"
Se Ryung

"I've always wanted to be his shadow, and he could be mine as well, that's how I want to live."
Se Ryung

(Episode 14)

"If by taking my life away, your pain can be healed… even a thousand, a million times I am willing to die.”
Se Ryung

(Episode 15)

"The invisible enemy is the most frightening one."

(Episode 17)

"When one devotes herself completely to her beloved person, it is difficult not to bring suffering to others."
Se Ryung

"Don't become rivals that kill each other, but become friends who save each other."
Lee Gae

(Episode 19)

"No matter how far apart we are, my heart will forever be with you."
Se Ryung

(Episode 20)

"I understand now that tears is just a luxury that can be shed only when one's mind is at ease."
Princess Kyung Hye

(Episode 21)

"Children will never understand parents' heart."
Se Ryung's Mother

(Episode 23)

"From now on, we are husband and wife. No matter how far we are separated, we shall be as each other's shadow."
Seung Yoo

"In this lifetime, we are to be as one."
Se Ryung

"Even if that person is not by my side, it does not mean that we are not together."
Se Ryung

"Even if he is far away, it's as if he is always by my side. His passionate gaze, his warm touch, his soulful voice. Day after day, they get clearer instead."
Se Ryung

(Episode 24)

"There was a woman who loved me more than I loved myself"
Seung Yoo

"Although I lost my sight, I have retrieved my heart. Although I was unable to get revenge, I gained you instead."
Seung Yoo

"What exactly is "Love", I asked the world? If without hesitation, we can mutually promise to be together till death do us part. That is what “Love” is."

*this might be late, honestly I just watched this drama because I started gaining interest with Moon Chae Won after I saw her on "Nice Guy" as well as with Park Shi Hoo while watching "Cheongdamdong Alice". It was hard and it takes long (just by days) for me to decide whether to watch this drama or not since I'm not into 'historical' dramas plus it was way back 2011 drama (I don't watch dramas if I'm far behind already), but because of the interesting story line I finally ended up watching the drama and finished it 3 days straight (I got less sleep time because I was to attached with the drama and their chemistry, so it's real hard to cut the watching). This is really a great drama, I didn't regret it even to the slightest. Just now I started having interest in a 'historical' drama (it still depends on the story line tho~ ^_^). Now I want to re-watch it even its just 18 hours since I finished the drama. Daebak! (So then, I know I shouldn't be sharing my own thoughts... just I'm so glad I've watched this drama, I feel overwhelmed (???) kkk~ Lastly, I'm shipping for ChaeKi (Chae Won and Joong Ki in "Nice Guy") & WonHoo (Chae Won and Shi Hoo in this drama) couple. Spread some love~ WoonHoo shippers :)


  1. Nice quotes. Thanks for posting. I love them all.

  2. I think you forgot one of the quote in episode 14
    "If by taking my life away, your pain can be healed… even a thousand, a million times I am willing to die.” – Se Ryung
    that is my favorit quote in TPM

    1. Oh, thanks a lot :)
      I'll add it up ^_______^

  3. What exactly is "Love", I asked the world?
    If without hesitation, we can mutually promise to be together till death do us part.
    That is what “Love” is.-ep 24

    1. Do you mind if I ask who said it. Because I actually forgot who >.<
      Thanks for this anyway. I'll add it up.


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