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My Princess Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

“When someone gives you something you thought he could never give, that’s when a person’s heart thumps.” – Seol
“I’m only like this with people I trust. The person who is responsible for me is here, what else I’m afraid of?” – Seol
“When I consider what my father did, and the pain that caused you, I shouldn’t come here. I shouldn’t have come back. I know that’s the only courtesy I can show you, but I’m sorry. I couldn’t do that today. The fun of always finding something to nitpick and bicker with you about — I can’t give that up. And I can’t give up making you feel breathless and making your heart race. I was pampered as a child so I’m not that patient. I’ve never given anything up before. Yes, as you said, I’m a real jerk. You’re right… but what can I do about missing you?” – Hae-young
“Let me ask you just one thing. Can’t you not be the princess? Is it really something you’d rather die than give up? Can’t you just not be a princess… and live as my woman instead?” – Hae-young
“Whether it’s really in my memories, or whether it’s a dream I’ve dreamt, or whether it’s an imaginary world I’ve created with just a few memories that I can’t even distinguish. They said they would come back very soon.” – Seol
“My smiling face is very pretty, right? I practiced every time I missed my dad. One day when my dad comes to find me again, I’m going to smile for him.” – Seol
“Aren’t you going to scream? Aren’t you going to throw a pillow at me? Am I that trustworthy? Or perhaps your eyes sparkle like this when any man shows up next to your bed. You have the stare of Snow White, who saw her Prince when she woke up after almost dying.” – Hae Young
“Everyone is curious about the intentions of their enemies.” – Jung Woo
“If you don’t allow me to teach you, then I’ll do something even worse. Every time you go against something I say, each successive time, I will become even worse. Don’t cry and regret it.” – Hae Young
“Why wouldn’t I be able to look at you? You’re not my woman and I don’t even have feelings for you. You really mean nothing to me now.” – Jung Woo
“There’s no front or back for her. She just runs wherever her emotions take her. You could say she’s a handful because one never knows where she’ll go next. And, that’s why she’s appealing.” – Yoon Joo
“We can’t run away from each other anymore. Regarding how difficult things are for you… what you’re feeling inside… I wouldn’t know if I died.” – Hae Young
“Relax your face and soothe those frown lines. Because I won’t run off with that money.” – Hae Young
“Like a tree standing before the wind, some branches will break off, while some branches will bend. But in order to become a lager tree, it’s a process that we must face.” – Seol
“To deny being lovers in order to gain something. That can result in a much worse situation than one can imagine.” – Jung Woo
“If you want to become beautiful, you must be able to suffer too.” – Yun Ju

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