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That Winter, The Wind Blows Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 그 겨울, 바람이 분다
English Title : That Winter, The Wind Blows
Genre : Melodrama, Romance
No. of Episodes : 16
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : February 13, 2013 - April 3, 2013
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(Episode 1)

"You don't become trustworthy just because some time has passed."
Oh Young

(Episode 2)

"If a person doesn't have a reason to live, does that mean he can't?"
Oh Soo

"It doesn't heal. The wound."
Oh Soo

"All younger sisters want that kind of brother. Warm with no anger."
Park Jin Sung

(Episode 3)

"It's better to take advantage of a jerk than a nice girl."
Oh Soo

(Episode 4)

"The injury was for sure but the memory is always messy."
Oh Soo

(Episode 6)

"Lies are always hard to match."
Oh Young

(Episode 7)

"What a person can do for another, is not forgiveness but comfort."
Oh Young

"It's okay to be okay. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to cry."
Oh Young

"Young, it's okay to be okay. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to cry. If people had said that to me, I probably would've cried a day or two and be fine. Maybe because I didn't get to cry then. Even now when I think about then, at age 6, the tears keep on coming out."
Oh Young

(Episode 8)

"Just because one side wants to break up, doesn't mean it's over."
Oh Soo

"More than anything. It would be nice if you could see yourself."
Oh Soo

(Episode 10)

"Words are so easy."
Oh Young

"I guess it's good being sick sometimes."
Oh Young

"When the other person says it's over. It's over."
Oh Soo

"When the other person says it's over. It's over. Telling someone who doesn't want you to love you, that's being clingy."
Oh Soo

(Episode 11)

"Love isn't about making a deal, so there's no betrayal involved. Because you started liking somebody. Just because you force it, it doesn't make it 'love'."
"Loyalty is something you should show your parents first."
Jo Moo Chul

(Episode 13)

"I thought I knew everything about the world after having my heart broken once."
Secretary Wang Hye Ji

(Episode 15)

"Even if everyone in the world curses me, I want to understand that I had no choice but to live like a fool. If I don't understand myself at least, I'm just too pitiful then."
Jo Moo Chul

"I think it's best you never see one another while missing each other. Then you will be able to live with hope in your hearts."
Secretary Wang Hye Ji

(Episode 16)

"None of us can do anything alone."
Secretary Wang Hye Ji

*Updated! 04.04.13
this drama has just ended.

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    apparently only just rename the blog hufttt =_="
    please dont delete ur blog... i like ur blog ...
    thanks yah... gomawo jeongmal gomawo ...
    *** muachhhhhh* fighting!!!!!

    1. It was my carelessness not informing my viewers before changing URL, sorry for that.. and it's nice to hear that you appreciated my blog... thanks~ :)

      I won't delete my blog since I don't have any reason to ^____^ please continue on visiting~ kkk...

  2. of course ... I always peek at your blog and you are always waiting for updates ..

    oia.. u have recomanded best k-drama 2013 for me ??

    1. Sorry for the very late reply, I was away for 4 days. And I'll be catching up with my studies. But I'll sure make it up to you soon, I'm working on it...

      If you haven't watched School 2013 yet, then you better do - it's good for those people who appreciates friendship and studies.
      Flower Boy Next Door - gave it a try if you want Rom-Com Drama.

      My most recommended drama is That Winter The Wind Blows and I think youre watching it now.
      Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek - I love the drama, but I'm not 100% sure it's a good drama for others, yet for my preference it's worth watching since I love the main couple.

      You can also watch Yawang if you wan't something intense or what should I call this... kkk~

      Anyway, what drama's are you watching now?

      for 2013 drama's I'm watching That Winter The Wind Blows, Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, Incarnation of Money, Yawang, 7th Grade Civil Servant. And finished School 2013 and Flower Boy Next Door. Soon I'll watch other Drama which I'll be attracted to.


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