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A Gentleman's Dignity Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

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"Boys don't mature. They just age. But aged boys know... To flow with a different destination, and to shine with different color." -Kim Do Jin (narrated)

"Sometimes, boys fight for no reason. And they become "us" for no particular reason. When boys become "us", they encounter the world of friendship. At that point the boys become special." -Kim Do Jin (narrated)

"There's no need to do everything well. Just pick one thing and do that well." -Seo Yi Soo

"Do you know what words a man who has said "I love you" must never say? "I'm sorry". Men don't know such an easy thing." -Park Min Sok

"One line on the arm, one line on the heart. The bastards who stood by my side with two lines. They'll be the hardest farewells I'll have to make in my life and they're the luckiest fortune I've met in my lifetime." -Choi Yoon

"No matter what, the side with more people has the advantage." -Lee Jung Rok

"One day I think that I can, the next day I think that I can't... I can't choose which one." -Seo Yi Soo

"There's something I learned in life. You can never know when happiness is coming. But you can tell when sadness is about to come." -Seo Yi Soo

"I'm going to start a one-sided love." I got butterflies in my stomach when you said that. When I saw my picture in your wallet, my heart fluttered. When you said, "Can you love me?" I wavered. In front of the restaurant, when you said you need to let me go... I was afraid for the first time. If this person doesn't like me, what do I do?" -Seo Yi Soo

"Starting from when I first saw you and until yesterday... I was afraid, "This person doesn't like me." "what do I do?" -Kim Do Jin

"Men like you one day, and the next day, they change their mind. The problem is that they're being honest both days." -Seo Yi Soo

"May I say something as a person who's gone through similar troubles? At first, I couldn't even take a step because the trouble seemed so big. But at one moment, I realized that the troubles I carried all came from the heart. As much as I loved, and as much as I was happy, the trouble seemed heavier. I must've loved him a lot." -Seo Yi Soo

"Others think I have everything. It's true. I have a lot. But... You were everything I had." -Park Min Sok

"You wear wedding bands since the husband and wife can't always be together. The husband and wife put their spouse closest to them. They wear the wedding band on the ring finger that's connected to their hearts." -Park Min Sok

"Love has no ethics and it has no teacher." -Im Me Ah Ri

"Just because you tape it back, does a picture that's been cut once become uncut? It just becomes more tattered. If you retrieve your feelings, does it mean you never gave them? That's a lie." -Im Me Ah Ri

"Im Me Ah Ri: You are seriously a grown up. How do you hide your feelings so well and not let them be obvious?
Seo Yi Soo: Because the person I like could become unhappy because I like him. It's a negative side effect of a one-sided love."

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