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Skip-Beat! Quotes | Taiwanese Drama Quotes

If apologising really worked, nobody would go to hell after they die!” – Gong Xi

“If you want to make it big in the business, you must have at every moment, a heart that loves the audience. And a thirst to have some love from them.” – De Yuan

“Even if I gave love, I can’t guarantee that the other will give love back. Even if I was willing to sacrifice my future, I wouldn’t be able to touch the other’s.” – Gong Xi

“What’s going on? Weren‘t these two giving each other the cold treatment just now? Wow, suddenly the aura around those two has completely changed.” – Manager

“But I’ve never seen her the way she is now. Standing silently like a beautiful angel, but when she looks at me, she transforms to a demon.” – Shang

“You‘re too easy to trick. The fact that you are able to live until today is a miracle.”– Lian

“Weird, everyone gets excited and scream when they see you. Why is it that she is depressed and miserable when she sees you?” – Manager

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