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Dear You Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

"Whether you separated after three years of living together, or ten years of living together, the relationship between a married couple is always something special." -In Kyung's Uncle

"Making it hard for the other person... That can't be love." -Hong Ran

"When they say, "If you are sick, nothing matters". I finally understand what it means. When I look back, rather than happy moments, I only remember my frowning face. I thought my love was beautiful, but I realized it was more of an obsession. I thought I did my best to love him the way I know how. But he... didn't seem happy. I guess I was suffocating him. I have no regrets, but I wish it could have been different. If I were given one more chance, I think I'd do better." -Baek In Kyung

"As long as a couple has trust in each other, they can get through pretty much anything." -Do Han Soo

"In fact, trust is very important. Especially between a man and a woman." -Lee Myung Jin

"Forty three, Fifty three, Sixty three, up to eighty three years old, Even if I have menopause, Or my skirt doesn't look good on me any more. Or I lose my teeth, Or my hair turns grey, Or when I start to limp, Stay right next to me." -Seo Chan Joo

"I really... Forty three, Fifty three, Sixty three, Up to eighty three years old, I want to grow old with you. We will have age spots together. The morning after we had drinks, We will relieve our hangover together with dried pollack soup. If I get naughty, you would have me in a headlock. We will ride a bike to go to work together. We... No matter how hard it is, Let's get through it together. For the next ninety years, Let's live that." -Go Jin Se

"Separating isn't the end. This is when we say that. The moment people separate. Everyday life becomes a jewel. Having lost that everyday life, the present hurts more. But, if a  fragment of that jewel is found. From that, we... will have strength to live again. That's how we are now." -Seo Chan Joo (narrated)

"Only the couple knows what goes on in their marriage. When you've gotten to a point when you had to sign the paper, there had to be reasons. But... because of a mistake from her past, your life... Forever... You can't turn your life around for it?" -Chan Joo's Dad

"Now that I'm old and by myself, I learned... Although there are things you don't like and are not happy about, just think it as my flaw and cover it as you live. That's what being a couple is about." -Chan Joo's Dad

"We get tested when we least expect it." -Seo Chan Joo

"We get tested when we least expect it. It's hard to say yes or no. Once you get caught, you have no choice but to catch up to its speed. It looks like there's no answer." -Seo Chan Joo


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