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Nobuta Wo Produce Quotes | Japanese Drama Quotes

"People can change.” – Nobuta

“Everything in the world is a game, thinking you lost if you give up in the middle. You’re stupid. The one who lasts till the end enjoying the game is the winner. That’s probably the rules of this world.” – Shuji

“I was digging for a long time on my own, like a mole underground. And then suddenly you two came up. In the future, am I gonna suddenly meet people like this? If so… it’s not so bad digging by myself.” – Nobuta

“If at least one person knows the truth, that’s enough.” – Mariko

“It is difficult to take in the truth, but it’s not impossible.” – Mariko

“Right now, the person’s hand that you hold, the chance of meeting that person is like a miracle. Even when you go into the light, don’t let go of that hand.” – *writing on the mirror*

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