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Proposal Daisakusen Quotes | Japanese Drama Quotes

“Humans don’t understand the reality of something until it’s over.” – Yosei

“I always thought that because we are always together, I could tell you my feelings anytime but it’s too late now.” – Ken-zou

“If you keep on thinking tomorrows always going to come, you’re going to end up in pain. Those who said that they’ll do things tomorrow are idiots.” – Yosei

“Humans have this bad habit of turning to words like ‘never expected’ or ‘accidental’ whenever anything unfavorable happens.” – Yosei

“I realized that the regret from not doing something at all is more painful than failure.” – Ken-zou

“If one doesn’t go face-to-face with it and shuts the door of miracles with his own hands, there is no way you’ll receive happiness.” – Yosei

“Human beings look for reasons when things don’t go well. The circumstances, the timing, the weather and the luck. They pull out all these various excuses to console themselves. ‘It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.’, ‘If only I could do it all over again.’ Will it really turn out well if you get to do it all over again?” – Yosei


  1. u forget the one that rei's grandpa said when he visits kenzou


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