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[KPOP/KDRAMA] Sparkling Magazines

My most treasured and loved magazines ♡.

Name of Product: SPARKLING
Type of Item: Magazine
About: Korean
Language Used: English
Released Issues: 9 Issues released as of April 2013
Price: Php 150.00 / $ 3.64

▷ Back to Back Cover
▷ 3 Issues with free Poster
(Posters are Back to Back)
▷ KPOP Idols Interviews
▷ Filipino with Korean Fashion's
▷ Items popular in Korea.
(Used in a Drama or used by Idols)
▷ Korean Websites / Suggested Websites for K-Lovers

About the Poster
▷ 1st Poster; Super Junior — Jay Park
▷ 2nd Poster; Big Bang — JoKwon
▷ 3rd Poster; Boyfriend — 4Minute

*I'm not sure with the 1st poster if it was Jay Park but I'm sure it's Super Junior.
I lost my first poster when we had our house constructed.
When I asked mom, where was it...
Mom said, when we had our general cleaning she asked me if it would be okay to throw it and she said I replied with 'YES'.
Gosh, I replied to her after hearing that; "How come, I would never be mistaken by that. You know then and there how much I treasure my things which are related to Korean. That would be the most impossible decisions I could come up to. Why mom why? Let's say I said yes back then (when we clearly know I didn't), how could you throw it just like that when you know how much I'm addicted with K-stuffs. Mom, tell me the truth, where is it."
I was so hopeless. >.<
When I told my sister about it, she feels so sorry for me.


  1. hi.,, do you have an extra of old issue of sparkling mag..? you know i'm a k-pop fun too... and im very addicted to collect all the sparkling mag..even the old you i also treasured the stuff that all about k-pop,,, :) did you know someone who sale thier sparkling mag..? ( i'm just hoping that there's one, even though its imppossible that someone dears to sale their own treasure and love of thier life ... :( but no one can blame it... )

    1. annyeong fellow kpop lover, I'm really sorry but I don't have extra issues >o< Anyway, what issue do you want to buy? I actually found old issues on the store where I regularly buy my copies, but not all issues are available. You can check on the store you usually buy, they might sell past issues that was not sold. Or you could contact Sparkling Mag themselves, they actually sell past issues on some events. ^ ^

    2. Hi.. I just read this message just now. i am planning to sell all my Sparkling Magazines and looking for a buyer. I will post the photos on olx within this week. if you are interested to buy i can give you a discount. Contact me here 09257021292 / thanks and god bless :)


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