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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

“The only thing you can trust in this world is money and your source of food.” – Dong Joo
“Your forearm is stuck on my chest. My heart is suffocating and I can’t even sleep at night.” – Chi Soo
“I didn’t know you were having a hard time. I really am unqualified to be a teacher. Hurting you there… I’m really sorry.” – Eun Bi
“If you go to my house. Open the 2nd cabinet. There’s a nickel silver pot. Just one chopstick full fills your heart. One sip will warm your whole body. There’s a ramen like that. Perfect for a kid like you.” – Chul Dong
“The place you are headed towards… there may be some losses but you won’t be living like a coward.” – Chul Dong
“A scar left behind by a woman typically goes forever.” – Ok Gyun
“A high school student shouldn’t smoke cigarettes. You can’t comfort someone with money either. And fooling around with someone’s feelings… trying out someone when you’re not even interested. That’s something you deserve to get hit for.” – Eun Bi
“If you barely begin to have ‘something’ in 3 years… I wont even have time to deal with it when it comes. So I’m saying, you can run as hard as you want, but I’ll already be flying.” – Chi Soo
“That guy isn’t a highschooler. He’s a prince. Someone a fool like me shouldn’t touch.” – Ba Wool
“A heart isn’t some revolving door where a bunch of people can go in and out.” – Eun Bi
“Feelings are the easiest thing in the world. It opens up once when you close your eyes. And it’s not a revolving door but like a merry go round. It’s a thing that can be enjoyed by many people happily.” – Chi Soo
“25 years old, an age that’s called the Christmas age. It’s an age where you realize that dating isn’t that sweet and that bells don’t ring when you kiss. But I still trust my heart.” – Eun Bi
“Despite how hard life gets, you should sit down and eat.” – Eun Bi
“Do you know what I hate most in this world? It’s getting things on my clothes. And crying girls. Your doing something unbelievable to me. The women that splashed something on me is crying. So get out.” – Chi Soo
“He said even if I switched phones, love wasnt something to switch. Even if the world got really cold, that love wasn’t to go cold… that love is here.. that this is what you use to do it.” – Eun Bi
“I have to apologize, too, for not keeping my promise. For not keeping the shop. For not being able to be with his only daughter. For not being able to persuade that only daughter in the end. That daughter who insisted she’d be fine on her own, selling off her father’s last legacy, that ungrateful daughter…” – Kang Hyuk
“When you love a woman, she becomes a drink. She becomes the moon. She becomes the song. Then she turns into my world. You will understand when you meet a woman like that. When you see that person, her song will sit on her shoulder. Like when I first met your mother.” – Chi Soo’s father
“Hey! Dog Chi Soo!” – Eun Bi
“If you ask such a direct question in the morning… then I’ll be embarrased! Is my face red?” – Kang Hyuk
“Time for my medication.” – Chi Soo
“When I grew older, I thought I would become an even more special person. But, it’s not true. I eat more and I know a lot more things but I just become more pathetic. Is this what it’s like to grow old?” — Eun Bi
“I’m not a pillar. I’m a man too.” – Kang Hyuk
“Why are you doing this to me? What kind of country did I save in my previous life?”- Eun Bi
“That’s right. I’m scared to death. You said it’s your first time, feeling chest pain, and nausea. Well it’s not mine. I’ve felt that before, and I know how crazy hot it boils, and how dangerous it is. And I know myself. I’m a Yang Eun-nem-bi (Silver Pot), so I boil faster, and hotter, than everyone else.” — Eun Bi
“No matter how the world changes there are things that you need to protect. Even though you can change your car, you don’t change love. No matter how cruel the world becomes, love shouldn’t change.” – Chi Soo

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