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Korean Drama / Movie Quotes | Compilation

I've made an all-in-one post for Korean Drama's and Movie Quotes.
Just click your choice on the link provided below.
Since some call Movies as Drama's or Drama's as Movies, they might search for the wrong one.
Please be guided, Korean Movies are totally different from Korean Drama's and so as the other way around. In a simple way of saying, Dramas is a TV series that has a long way run and lasts for about a month or so, while Movies are films usually runs for about an hour or two.

For Korean DRAMA Quotes Compilation

For Korean MOVIE Quotes Compilation


  1. please also include the quotes of the korean drama Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen of Office. Tha k you bery much.

    1. I haven't watched Nine so I don't have my own compilation of quotes from that drama. But I'll find some with other source, for you. I hope I can find soon :)

      For now, I haven't found one, but I'll post it as soon as I can find anything.


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