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Koizora Quotes | Japanese Drama Quotes

“I want to be the sky. Not a river, I want to be the sky. Then I will instantly know where you are. If there was someone hurting you, I could fly there and beat him up. I could protect you.” – Hiro

“Clear skies will mean you are happy. Rain will mean you’re crying. Sunset means you are embarrassed. Night will mean you are gently holding me.” – Mika

“I saw the never changing sky in a completely different light. Only because we are gazing up at it together, the skies have come infinitely more beautiful.” – Mika

“Even though you’re no longer by my side; up until now, I’m still in love with this sky.” – Mika

“As ordinary as I am, Hiro found me amongst the multitude. That’s why, I just had to keep being myself. I was so happy.” – Mika

“My life doesn’t only belong to me. Half of it belongs to Mika.” – Hiro

“Did you know, I’m still in love with this blue sky… until forever and ever, eternally.”– Mika

“I think you must be crying now. But, I want to see you smile. I hope that as you read those happy memories, it will bring your smile out. You have to be happy in life after this too. Though I grumbled about my illness, but because I had the chance to meet you, I am deeply grateful. To have met you, to have spent my life with you, I’m really very happy. I believe I’m the most fortunate person in this world. That’s why, I want to see you smile.” – Hiro

“Hiro’s the one who gave me memories of first love. Hiro’s the one who gave me the taste of happiness. Also, Hiro’s the one who taught me to be strong. Life isn’t just all bright and glory. On my journey of life from now on… I’m sure to come across more heartaches and losses; but I’m going to be fine. Because I met you, I have the courage to say I’m no longer afraid. Thank you, Hiro.” – Mika


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