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Korean Drama Feedback / Reaction

Posted : August 04, 2013

Drama Titles: Heartless City / Cruel City
Genres: Romance, Melodrama, Noir, Action
No. of Episodes: 20 - 20
Status: Ended
Main Cast: Jung Kyung Ho & Nam Gyuri
Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin


First, thanks to the one who combined this two pictures which makes it easier for me ^_^
Hey, what's wrong with this batch of KDrama's T_T What's with the sad ending? Why my two favorite drama of this batch, WHY?
Sorry guys, it just angers me so much, of all those drama's, why does it have to be the two of my favorite, like you know.
Why do they (main lead guy) have to end up dying.
I'm speechless actually, both stories were amazing not until it ended, the ending was just too opposite.
Well then, that's all. I just wan't to share how sad I feel to have both of my favorite drama to end in such an ending. I can't say that I'm disappointed since the story-line is too good for me to get disappointed just because it ended up that way. Just~ >O<


Posted : April 13, 2013

Drama Titles : When A Man Loves
All About My Relationship
Genres : Rom-Com, Melodrama
No. of Episodes : 20 - 16
Status : Ended
Main Casts : Song Seung Hoon & Shin Se Kyung
Lee Min Jung & Shin Ha Kyun

Plain reaction, no spoiler??? no warning. ^___^

Wow! Nowadays I think Kdramas is getting a little bit speedy in process. ㅋㅋㅋ
Just in 1st or 2nd episodes, the main guy feels for the main girl already.
It's just surprising, since I'm a KDrama addict and as far as I remember one feels in love with the other in almost half span of the whole drama already.
I hope this won't cause more thrill and heartaches since the early they fall in love the more it gets intense on every situation, especially the love story parts, am I right? (^ㅇ^=)
It would be hard for me if it goes like that, since I'm too emotional everytime I watch drama's.
It's just heartbreaking seeing how complicated their situation is.
Yes, I know. It's just a drama, 99% it'll end happily, like duh? aren't you even used to it?
ㅎㅎㅎ honestly, I get attached to their emotions easily (maybe I was born of a mighty glue, that's why I get easily attached to things like so-so).
Anyway, I'm looking forward to this two dramas, I'll start to watch the two new historical dramas too.
I hate it since I'm not into historical, like seriously! what's with 24 episodes?
I had enough even with just a 16 episodes historical drama and what's this?
Not the same goes for "The Princess' Man" though, since it was worth those 24 episodes, I even want more. Back then I was like, 'what's into me?', but really! it was my first time loving and getting super attached to a HISTORICAL drama. That was daebak! Most recommended, same with "Nice Guy / The Innocent Man", oh! what a bias Moon Chae Won, yes. I'm a WonHoo and ChaeKi shipper.  \(^ㅂ^)/
But then~! It's Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In and Lee Seung Gi so how can I even say 'no'? I'm not that big fan of Suzy though (if we're talking about acting) but I'm her big fan when it's about kpop. *nods* 
Ooops, sorry. I've gone too far. >.<
Anyway, thats all for now I think. So far both has a good start, just that I hate politics.
But for my Lee Min Jung unni, I'll keep on watching. ^____^


Posted : January 8, 2013

Drama Title : Cheongdamdong Alice
Also known as : Alice in Cheongdamdong
No. of Episodes : 16
Genre : Rom-Com
Original Run : December 1, 2012
Status : Ended
Main Casts : Park Shi Hoo
Moon Geun Young

WARNING ! if you don't want your interest towards this drama be affected by my thoughts then avoid reading. thanks !

I'm afraid to say this, honestly I'm not that interested in watching this drama anymore but I think I need to hold on a little bit more (as far as I can). TBH, its hard to watch 1 hour every episode to this drama (which originally, I'm a Kdramaholic).

I love them individually for sure, I love Moon Geun Young way back 2008 (I think?) as soon as I saw her movie Innocent Steps, and then watched Love Me Not, since then I love her already.
Park Shi Hoo too, he's just one of the best!  Why does he look super good, hot, cute, handsome at the same time with such an age (I mean, usually you fall for the guys younger or same age, right?) but this guy is just way too gorgeous  to handle. I love every single thing of him.

About the DRAMA, sorry to say but I (take note: "I") find it kinda boring. Just, I can't see and sense the chemistry (take note: "I"), sorry to those fans of this drama I don't intend to offend you.
About the CHARACTER, I love PSH's wacky character, he's supper funny and I'm loving it. Charisma overload. And for MGY, I don't hate her (as I've said I love her) but I hate her character her, she's way too fragile.

Anyway, I still hope for this drama to succeed since PSH and MGY is in it ^___^ I have no grudge against the two. Just the story-line failed to impress me. But their acting is a supper b especially PSH's wacky character. I'll still stick to this drama as far as I could though, wish me luck~ FIGHTING ! ^_______^  *please don't hate me.

NOTE: I'm @ Episode 9 when writing down this reaction, it's not too early for me to say my thoughts, isn't it?
Added : Until the end of the drama, I was able to hang on but still can't feel the chemistry.
No offense.

*same comment was posted on Cheongdamdong Alice AsianWiki by me ( ixtyjjang ).

Posted : November 18, 2012

Drama Title : The Innocent Man
Also known as : Nice Guy
No. of Episodes : 20
Genre : Melodrama
Original Run : September 12, 2012 - November 15, 2012
Status : Ended
Main Casts : Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won

WARNING !  SPOILER for those who haven't watched the ending yet.

I know it's a happy ending and I'm very thankful and happy for them since I'm a EunMa / ChaeKi shipper, but I've got questions too, just like how others are confused about the ending.

Can we have a Part 2 or even a Special Episode which shows the progress of Ma Ru and Eun Gi's relationship. Some time to show what happens between Choco, Ma Ru, Jae Gil and Eun Gi after the long waited 7 years i mean the relationship between the four not only the married Choco and Jae Gil, Maru and Eun Gi but also how they interact with each other. And what progress did Jae Hee had been through as well as how Park Jun Ha live his life after all the struggles he has been through to protect his loved Eun Gi. ^ ^ is this too much to ask?

I hope the writer gets to read all our comments and decided to make a special episode for those people who have confusion and for those people who love EunMa couple and to all the viewers of this drama since many not only me wants for a Special Episode which highlights the progress of EunMa couple and to answer every questions we have in mind.

Lastly my Questions are:

1.) Did he regain his memory? Or did he fall for Eun Gi (as the baker) again without remembering the past?
(I really want him to remember everything not for him to suffer from all the sad things but for him to feel happy that after all, he still ends up with the one he loves, the one he loves even before he lost his memory. I really don't like endings with a memory loss since its kinda a waste for them to not remember about their happy times from the past.)

2.) Is he only pretending to not remember. If he does, does Eun Gi knows he's only pretending?
3.) Who manages Taesan? Did Eun Gi really leave everything and live a simple life as a baker? Did she totally leave Taesan or she still has some connection?
4.) Who was that kid who has a stomachache, how is she related with Eun Gi, how do they know each other, and how is she related with Kang Maru and Kang Choco, do they have the same family name accidentally or are they blood related with each other?
5.) Till the end, did Jae Gil hide to himself that he's actually a rich man?
6.) Where's Eun Seok? :)


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