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Pinocchio (피노키오) Quotes | Korean Drama

Drama Title: 피노키오
English Title: Pinocchio
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Family
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Channel: SBS
Original Run: November 12, 2014

(Episode 1)
"The news also lies once in a while."
Ki Jae Myung

"The truth is ten times more comforting than a lie."
Choi Dal Po

(Episode 2)
"TV can kill an innocent person with just one statement."
Choi Dal Po

(Episode 3)
"The greater your expectation, the greater the disappointment."
Choi Dal Po

"The higher you climb up in the ladder, the harsher criticism you'll receive."
Kim Gong Joo

(Episode 4)
"What's even more difficult than putting someone else's money into your pocket is forcing your own ideas into someone else's head when they don't believe in it."
Choi Gong Pil

(Episode 5)
"In order to gain something you have to throw something else away."
Song Cha Ok

(Episode 7)
"New stories are often compared to an onion. Because with every layer that's peeled off, another layer of truth gets revealed."
Song Cha Ok

"It's a problem if you take up the challenge without knowing to be fearful of it but you'll be fine as long as you know to be fearful of it beforehand."
Choi Gong Pil

"People's look can be deceiving."
Jang Hyun Gyu

(Episode 13)
"You apologize in front of the person concerned. If you say it to others it would just be a pathetic self blame."
Ki Jae Myung

(Episode 18)
"Being a reporter means you build up grudges."
Seo Bum Joo's Mom

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