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03.13.17 NEW Lyrics are up.


EXO 1집 The 1st Album XOXO (KISS&HUG)

Album: 1집 The 1st Album XOXO (KISS&HUG)
Artist: EXO
Release Date: 2013.06.03

Click on the title for its lyrics.
I don't have all Chinese lyrics yet.

Disc 1
1-6 3.6.5
1-9 Baby
1-10 My Lady
1-11 늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (EXO-K)
1-12 늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (Chinese)

Disc 2
2-4 蝴蝶少女 (Don´t Go)
2-5 Let Out The Beast (Chinese Version)
2-6 3.6.5 (Chinese Version)
2-7 Heart Attack (Chinese Version)
2-8 彼得潘 (Peter Pan)
2-9 Baby (第一步)
2-10 My Lady (Chinese Version)
2-11 狼與美女 (Wolf) (EXO-M)
2-12 狼與美女 (Wolf) (Korean Version)

Album Informations: Daum Music

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