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Henry ㅡ Holiday Lyrics

Hangul & Romanization
Ooh-Yeah You ready? 

내 취향 아닌 옷이 많아지는 너 (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
Nae chwihyang anun usi manhajineun neo (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
함께 있는데도 휴대폰만 보는 너 (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
Hamkke ittneundedo hyudaeponman boneun neo (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
물어보고 싶지 않아 들어봤자 변할 게 없어
Mureobogo shipji anha deureobwattja byunhalge eobseo
치열하게 굴어댄 그만큼 지쳐갈 뿐 
Chiyeolhage gureodaen geumankeum jichyeogal ppun
마지막일 Voice mail 덕분에 즐거웠어 (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
Majimagil Voice mail deokbune jeulgeowosseo (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)

* Hey Yeah Think I need a Holiday 
Hey Yeah 저 태양을 따라갈래 
Hey Yeah jeo taeyangeul ttaragallae
Hey Yeah 그게 어디쯤일진 
Hey Yeah geuge eodi-jjeumiljin
모르지만 Don’t wanna wait wait 
Moreujiman Don't wanna wait wait

** Hey Yeah Think I need a Holiday 
Hey Yeah 미쳐가기 전에 
Hey Yeah michyeogaki jeone
Hey Yeah 고민하는 시간도 
Hey Yeah gominhaneun sigando
난 아까워 No I need a Holiday 
Nan aggawo No I need a Holiday

시험 성적이 뜨기 전에 먼저 떠날래 (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No) 
Siheom seongjeogi tteugi jeone meonjeo tteonallae (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
떠밀려가듯 오늘을 살진 않을래 (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
Tteomirryeogadeut oneureul saljin aneullae (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)
날 앞서 가는 그대 부럽지는 않아 (What?) 
Nal apseo ganeun geudae bureopjineun anha (What?)
숨 막힐 책임과 먼저 만나야 하는 걸 
Sum makhil chaegimgwa meonjeo mannaya haneun geol
지켜야 하는 게 잔뜩 생기기 전에 (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No))
Jikyeoya haneun ge janddeuk saenggigi jeone (Uh Uh Ooh Oh No)


아무 데면 어때 나 혼자면 어때 
Amu temyeon eottae na honjamyeono eottae
가진 게 없어 무거울 게 없어 
Kajin ge eobseo mugeo-ul ge eobseo
안 좋은 일도 충분히 일어났어 더는 없겠지
An joheun ildo chungbunhi ireonasseo deoneun eobgettji
You’ve gotta be kidding me 

Hey Yeah 걱정스레 보지 마 
Hey Yeah geokjeongseure bojima
And Hey Yeah 내 방식일 뿐이야 (Don’t wanna wait No)
And Hey Yeah nae bangsikil ppuniya (Don't wanna wait No)


English Translation
Ooh Yeah You ready?

You keep wearing clothes that I don’t like (uh uh ooh oh no)
When we’re together, you always look at your phone (uh uh ooh oh no)
I don’t want to ask, even if you tell me, nothing will change
The more intense we are, the more exhausted we become
The last voice mail, I had fun because of you (uh uh ooh oh no)

* Hey Yeah Think I need a Holiday
Hey Yeah, I want to follow the sun
Hey Yeah, I don’t know where that will be
Don’t wanna wait wait

** Hey Yeah Think I need a Holiday
Hey Yeah, before I go crazy
Hey Yeah, time is too precious to think about it
No I need a Holiday

I want to leave before my test results come out (uh uh ooh oh no)
I don’t want to live like I’m floating down the current (uh uh ooh oh no)
I’m not jealous of you, who is getting ahead of me (what?)
I need to meet first with the suffocating responsibility
Before I remember all the things I need to protect (uh uh ooh oh no)

* Repeat
** Repeat

Who cares if it’s anywhere, who cares if I’m alone
I have nothing so nothing weighs me down
Bad things happened plenty of times, so now there won’t be anymore
You’ve gotta be kidding me

Hey Yeah, don’t look so worried
And Hey Yeah, this is just my way (Don’t wanna wait No)

* Repeat
** Repeat

Hangul: Daum Music
Translation: pop!gasa
Romanization: ixtyjjang

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