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The Heirs Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들
English Title : The Heirs
Genre : Romance, Comedy, School
No. of Episodes : 20
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : October 9, 2013 – present
The Heirs OST

(Episode 3)
"There are some things you are born with and some given with money and time."
Jeong Ji Sook

(Episode 4)
"Life is long. Just because he's not in my arms today, doesn't mean he won't be here tomorrow as well."
Han Ki Ae

"The one who wishes to wear the crown, must bear its weight."
Kim Tan

"If it's dark, you can see the stars really well."
Kim Nam Yoon

(Episode 11)
"Without active care, there's no beauty. Without beauty, there's no boyfriend."
Lee Bo Na

(Episode 13)
"Your enemy is not the person who is holding the knife, but hiding the knife from the back and is the person who is standing beside you."
Choi Young Do

(Episode 14)
"Lately I've been suffocating. Chan Young is my air, without him beside me, am I able to breathe?"
Lee Bo Na

(Episode 15)
"If it's dark, you can see the stars clearly."
Kim Tan

"Having no enemy means there's no ally."
Kim Nam Yoon

(Episode 18)
"When you don't know what to choose, you pick the most expensive one."
Kim Nam Yoon

"When it's difficult to decide, don't look to far in the future, just focus on tomorrow. If you think about what you want to do tomorrow, your answer will change."
Kim Won

(Episode 19)
"Sometimes a harsh lesson is the right medicine. We take, we lose, we take ove, we get taken over, welcome to the world of greed."
Jung Ji Sook

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