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Reply 1994 Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 응답하라 1994
English Title: Reply 1994
Genre: Romance, Comedy
No. of Episodes: 20
Original Channel: tvN
Original Run: October 18, 2013 - TBA
Reply 1994 OST

(Episode 1)
"People learn to adjust as they live their life."
Sung Dong Il

(Episode 3)
"Youth should be awkward and simple, and love should be untainted and tacky."

"Occasionally, the reality is more cruel than lies."
Sung Na Jung (narrated)

(Episode 4)
"There are some words you can't say even if you die. Not any other long and long sentences, not any other good speech skills, but the eyes saying "I love you", those are more than enough."
Sseureki (narrated)

(Episode 6)
"The strongest power of a present is making the heart flutter and appreciating that familiar and natural relationships once again."

"Before the relationship withers, before you become dull with each other, a gift should be given. Your heart should be expressed."

(Episode 7)
"Fate is how meetings are made so we're fated to meet."

(Episode 8)
"The choice of the moment may affect for a lifetime."
Sseureki (Trash)

(Episode 9)
"The sincerity is usually hiding behind. Since it's so shy and delicate, the more you push it and yell at it, the deeper it hides. There is only one way to deal with it. Until the sincerity raises its head itself, you just have to meet its eyes and listen to its words. If you wait while putting your words and thoughts aside, the sincerity just pops up before you know. Any sorts of pretense or haughty advice can't be a real comfort. Comfort is usually created at the moment when sincerity is shared."

(Episode 10)
"Farewells are sad and unfamiliar. You never get used to saying goodbye."
Sung Na Jung

(Episode 11)
"A woman totally transforms when she is in love. It truly is an amazing power of love!"

"Love and life perhaps resemble baseball. Even if you come up against a critical sweep, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. In the end someone has to be victorious for the competition to be over. One-sided love, your heart aches and even if you wrap our mind around it, there's no other way for an one-sided love, anyway. Whether you get the love or get dumped heartlessly, if you want to end the one-sided love, the only way to do it is through confession. It's over only after you confront it. Love perhaps resembles baseball. And, the world is big and there are a lot of rivals. Love perhaps resembles baseball."
Sseureki (Trash)

"The world is big and there are a lot of rivals."
Sseureki (Trash)

"There are many one-sided loves that couldn't be confessed in this world. Those fools, which know how to escape but cannot escape. That's why one-sided love hurts."
Haetae (naratted)

(Episode 12)
"To every guy there is one girl that you cannot touch. That girl's name is first love."
Sung Na Jung

"There's no ugly first love in this world."

"Somebody says there is a miracle, and another says there isn't. But at the end, at the desperate moment, anyone prays for a miracle, and waits for a miracle. That's why a miracle should exist. So that a slight hope at least can be given at every desperate moment, a miracle must exist. But miracles are miracles because they're not common. Rather than luck that you didn't anticipate, there's much more misfortune that you couldn't even think of in this world. Life, to live believing in only miracles, is cold and harsh. In the end, miracles are a matter of probability. Miracles exist only for one person. For the remaining 9,999 people, it's merely nonsense. Life is in all and overwhelming probability, cruel. Still, we need miracles. Rather than despair that has zero percent probability, a possibility that could happen once in 100,000, a silver of possibility is still better. Only then do we have hope."
Sung Na Jung (narrated)

(Episode 13)
"It ain't over 'til it's over."
Chil Bong

(Episode 15)
"It's love that changes the world."
Sung Na Jung (narrated)

(Episode 16)
"Love sparks where there's war."
Jo Yoon Jin

(Episode 17)
"If there's nothing to lose there's nothing to be afraid of. As love gets deeper, as your desire to not lose it gets bigger, fear also gets bigger. Love grows by eating up fear."

"Love grows by eating up fear. But, the way to overcome the fear in love is ultimately, love again."

(Episode 19)
"Do you know what's the biggest love in the world? It's sacrifice."
Sung Na Jung

"Fate is like shit. Fate is awful. And fate is strong. Another reason why fate is awful and strong is the unpredictable timing."
Sseureki (Trash) naratted

(Episode 21 - Finale)
"There is a time for everything."

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