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Secret (비밀) Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 비밀
English Title: Secret
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
No. of Episodes: 20
Original Channel: KBS
Original Run: September 25, 2013 - TBA

(Episode 2)
"Because it's unfair, doesn't mean we're innocent."
Ahn Do Hoon

(Episode 3)
"Regret is only for those who don't have a future."
Kang Yoo Jung

(Episode 4)
"Love? There's no such thing."
Jo Min Hyuk

(Episode 6)
"Because of the person who wouldn't cry for you. Don't cry. Because of the person who would cry for you, cry."
Ahn Do Hoon

"You have to fall in the water together to know who your real friends are."
Jo Han Il

"Oppa. Let's just end the things we're sorry for. All the while, we've worked so hard. Don't you think? We were so worried per chance we'd cause each other pain, so we just laughed things off. This isn't right, you know. If we meet like this, you'd once again feel guilty. And that guilt would cause you to want to do something for me. And I would feel burdened and try to figure out how I should behave. It'll be repetitious."
Kang Yoo Jung

"The memory of someone's appearance from behind is supposed to last for a very long time."
Kang Yoo Jung

(Episode 7)
"Even if you spread rumors, people don't listen if they're not interested."
Ahn Do Hoon

(Episode 10)
"Men are the ones that return ito strangers after you break up with them."
Friend (from prison)

"Love doesn't change, people change."
Dan Bal

"No one is born picking their parents. When a family is made, there is no picking. Except your spouse."
Ahn Do Hoon

"Just as much as there are people wanting to be trusted there are no guilty people."
Dan Bal

(Episode 11)
"It (world) isn't fair. But if you end it just complaining about it, you're the one that is foolish."
Shin Se Yeon

"If you take things away so easily, you won't comprehend how precious the things you've taken away are."
Kang Yoo Jung

"If you bear it, 1 minute becomes 1 hour, 1 hour become a month. Even if you don't fret, the thing that passes is time."
Kang Yoo Jung

"Wasting life living as you hate others, that is the most unworthy thing."
Dan Bal

"A woman loses her charm if she's too easy."
Yang Hae Ri

(Episode 12)
"There is no one who is really strong, who pretends to be strong."
Jo Min Hyuk

(Episode 13)
"Revenge that started with love ends in tragedy."
Jo Min Hyuk

(Episode 14)
"Would there be anything else that you have no control over, besides a person liking another person?"
Dan Bal

"Grabbing onto a heart that has already left, isn't love. It's obsession."
Kang Yoo Jung

(Episode 15)
"When you think about that someone, that it hurts, that it distresses you, is also love."
Kang Yoo Jung (narrated)

"Not shedding any tears when you let a person go, that would be more strange."
Dan Bal

(Episode 16)
"There is no one in the world who lives without sin. It's important how you repay it."
Jo Min Hyuk

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