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Marry Him If You Dare Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 미래의 선택
English Title : Marry Him If You Dare
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Time Travel
No. of Episodes : 16
Original Channel : KBS
Original Run : October 14, 2013 – present

(Episode 1)
"In a life, there is a time for good words and bad words."
Kim Shin

"Ill-fate is still fate. You will meet whoever you are destined to meet. That's why destiny, fate and bonds are scary."
Na Mi-Rae (Future)

(Episode 3)
"When you're upset, sweet things are the best."
Park Se Joo

(Episode 5)
"Love? If you break up with a lover, you cry all night and then you sleep. But if you don't have any money, sleep? It never comes. Even tears won't come out, because you're so tired from paying back the debt that you don't even have the time to cry."
Na Mi Rae (Future)

"Things like love can never beat real life."
Na Mi Rae (Future)

(Episode 6)
"The future fate is a lot scarier than anything we can prepare for. But the future can change by a single moment's decision. You're choice is the future."
Kim Shin

(Episode 12)
"When it's Christmas, people dream miracles. They wish for a friend's return, and they wish to receive a long-waited call from a girlfriend or boyfriend. They day where all the wishes of the world happen. Christmas doesn't always make dreams come true, but this year, we're dreaming again."
Na Mi Rae

"If a man likes a woman, he would chase after her, without letting anything stop him."
Kim Shin

(Episode 13)
"When a man dates and breaks up, one side is always at a loss. And that side is always the woman."
Writter Bae

(Episode 14)
"A reform isn't something that can be done with just words. To change people, words aren't enough. There needs to be something more."
Yoo Kyung

(Episode 16 - Finale)
"I don't think you can move a person's heart with money or power."
Na Mi Rae

"You can't change the past. But, you can change everything about the present. Right?"
Na Mi Rae

"When it's Christmas, people dream of miracles. The return of old friends who have left. And a call from a lover you've lost touch with. It's a day when all the miracles of the world seem possible. Christmas did'nt always bring us those miracles. But we dream again this year. That this will be the best Christmas of our lives."
Na Mi Rae

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