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Shark Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 상어
English Title : Shark
Genre : Melodrama, Romance
No. of Episodes : 20
Original Channel : KBS2
Original Run : May 27, 2013 - July 30, 2013

(Episode 1)
"A cowardly love isn't a real love, so that's a sin."
young Jo Hae Woo

"How to make money is also important, but how to spend it is more important."
Jo Sang-Deuk

"You think you're the most unfortunate in the world, don't you? Only you suffer, and you think it's unfair and infuriating that no one understand your sufferings, don't you? 
"In this world, insignificant people are countless."
young Han Yi Soo

"There are many things in this world that we can't do much about. In any moments, we have no choice but to do what we can do."
young Han Yi Soo

"Jo Hae Woo: What do you like the most in the world?
Han Yi Soo: Shark. (Jo Hae Woo: What?) Sharks don't have swim bladders.
Jo Hae Woo: Then, how do they live?
Han Yi Soo: To live, they must keep on moving endlessly, since if they stop, they die. Even when they are asleep, they have to keep moving to stay alive.
Jo Hae Woo: They sure do live a tiresome life.
Han Yi Soo: Still, in the ocean, the shark is the strongest.
Jo Hae Woo: So is that why you like sharks the most? Because they're strong?
Han Yi Soo: No, I pity them. It doesn't seem as if anyone would like sharks.
Jo Hae Woo: Then, hypothetically, what would you do if I disappeared?
Han Yi Soo: I'll go find you.
Jo Hae Woo: And if you can't find me?
Han Yi Soo: I'll definitely find you.
Jo Hae Woo: How? How will you find me?
Han Yi Soo: Until I die, I will look for you. Because, I won't even be able to die before I find you."

(Episode 2)
"Everybody has their past. What's important is the present."
Jo Sang-Deuk

"You can never trust a person's word."
Yoshimura Junichiro

(Episode 3)
"The moon actually lights up the darkness, which makes it better than the sun."
Jo Hae Woo

(Episode 4)
"Out of all the secrets we think we have, almost none of them are truly secret."
Byeon Bang Jin

(Episode 5)
"Even the most complex problem is resolved in the end. Because if there's a question, there also is an answer."
Kim Joon

(Episode 6)
"All humans are the same. They're all liars."
Joo Eu Sun

(Episode 9)
"Repeated coincidences are no longer coincidences."
Kim Joon

(Episode 10)
"If you don't trust people, you lose people. If you lose people, you lose everything."
Oh Joon Young

(Episode 11)
"Life is about choices. Every day, humans live and make decisions. Their lives decided from the choice that they make."
Junichiro Yoshimura

(Episode 12)
"People tend to remember what they want to remember."
Kim Joon

"No human being is righteous enough or perfect enough to judge another human being. No matter how they look, they always have a hidden side. That might be why we can't know the whole truth. If we know the truth, we get scared and it eventually leads to our downfall."
Jo Sang Gook

"To those who help me, I repay them with grace. But to those who don't, I repay them with exactly what I've received. That's my motto. Only then the world will be balanced."
Kim Joon

(Episode 15)
"I just thought it'd be so nice to have "what if" in the world."
Jang Young Hee

(Episode 17)
"A person's heart is something that you think you've figured out, but you actually haven't."
Kim Dong Soo

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