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Birth Secret Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title :  출생의 비밀
English Title : Birth Secret
Genre : Family, Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
No. of Episodes : 18
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : April 27, 2013 - June 23, 2013
Birth Secret OST

(Episode 1)

"Born to this world. You forgot that the happiest moment in your life is the time you are born to this world. You said you have never feel blissful. It is not that you have never feel blissful. It's only that you had forgotten about it. It was once your happiest seed in this world."
(Episode 1)

(Episode 18 - Finale)
"The person who had a heartache because of me for the longest time is resting now. The man whose mouth opens wide whenever he sees me as if he hung his mouth on a hanger all night. Some people might call this man a stupid fool but I want to ask them this. Can you become a complete fool for a woman or a man? Have you ever had a fool like that? I have a fool like that. It is this man right here. He is mine."
Jung Yi Hyun

"My woman is sleeping. My woman that made me, who was a nobody, into a somebody. The woman who was lonely for the longest time that she erased the memories she had of her loneliness. To those that ask how she can forget all the things she had done, I tell them this. People, you erase the memories you have of your mother's womb when you are born. Don't forget that everyone has the chance to be reborn."
Hong Kyung Do

"This woman and this man made me. At first I was a small seed but while I was a seed I was very happy. They say that everyone is happy while they are seed. They say that they forget the time they spent as a seed when they are born into the world and become adults. Think about it carefully. You'll probably be able to remember how happy you were in your mom's stomach. If you have happy memories then you'll become happy at one point just like before. It's true. Believe in a genius like Hae Deum."
Hong Hae Deum

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