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Nail Shop Paris Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 네일샵 파리스
English Title : Nail Shop Paris
Genre : Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
No. of Episodes : 10
Original Channel : MBC Queen
Original Run : May 3, 2013 - June 28, 2013

(Episode 2)
"A real man takes responsibility for his own life."

"I guess the only one on your side is your family. Isn't it true, sir?"

(Episode 3)
"Somebody said that when a person says 'just', it means they have so many things to say that they don't know how to start."

"The best comfort doesn't come from a good word or act. Staying next to them even if they show you the ugly part of themselves. That's the best comfort to them."

(Episode 5)
"You know, if somebody likes you, they want to bully you so they can get your attention."
Kim Ji-Soo

"A person's heart can be healed by another person."
Keum Mi Ryeo

"There's no such thing as a single right answer in the real world. Pick anything and make that your answer. Then that becomes the answer."

"Because of other people, sometimes I feel happy, sad, mad, angry, annoyed, disappointed and scared. Without having those feelings, I wasn't really living a life."
Bunny / Hong Yeo-Joo

(Episode 6)
"One sided love is usually expressed by becoming petulant."

"Alex: It probably hurts her more since she saw the man fall in love with somebody she knows.
Jin: Wait, so you're saying Joon Young loves Hee Cheol? But she said she hates everything about him.
Kay: Two negatives make a positive."

"Characteristics of a girl with a secret crush.
First, a detailed memory. She would know everything about him. Like where she met him first or what color he likes. Some girls even remember every joke that a guy made.
Second, even if it's a little thing to others, it becomes a special thing to her if her guy touches it. Like she keeps the movie ticket that she watched with her guy. Or keeps the rose that her guy gave her even if it died.
Third, it's a touch in a friendly way. His breath on her shoulder, the feeling of his heartbeat. Being touched by her guy would make her go crazy."

"There are things that you can see better from far away."
Joon Young - Guest Appearance

"Love is like a wild cat. You'll figure out what to do after you tell him how you feel about him. If you lock up your feelings, it will only scratch your heart badly."
Joon Young - Guest Appearance

(Episode 7)
"If I end the relationship just because it's hard, that's not love."
Grandpa - Guest Appearance

"Real love is receiving. Meet somebody that truly loves me. And do your best to keep the relationship and love her as much as you can. Wouldn't that be real love?"
Grandpa - Guest Appearance

"Tell me if you don't want it... but later."

(Episode 9)
"Life is like fishing. Unless you try to throw a fishing rod to catch something all the precious things will be missed."
Guest Appearance

(Episode 10 - Final)
"Somebody said running away to avoid a situation will make the end come sooner."

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