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[Hangul] Korean Dictionaries for Beginners

One of your way in learning Korean is to have this awesome Korean dictionaries.
It's very helpful especially if you're a beginner.

First I got the one from the left.
Then the one at the right.

Learning Korean Effortlessly
Name of the Product: Annyong
Type of Item: Dictionary, Reference
Bought from: Book Sale
Contents: Ways of Korean when drinking, eating, etc.
Basic dialogues regarding different situations.
Price: Php 85.00 / $ 2.07

▷ Romanization of every Hangul.
▷ Basic Manners.

Dialogues for four kinds of languages.
Name of the Product: SPEAKING
Type of Item: Dictionary, Reference
Bought from: National Book Store
Contents: Dialogues for different kinds of situations.
Tagalog | Korean | Japanese | English
Price: Php 250.00-280.00 / $ 6.08-6.80

▷Romanizations of every Hangul and Kanji.
▷4 Different Laguages.

It was very useful for my beginner times. And it will be a great help in further studying Hangul Language.
Handy and Clean contents.
Affordable for everyone, students, unemployed and those who have works.


  1. I want to buy this. I swear. I need to learn Korean language. Thank you for the information. God bless to your blog.


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