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Gu Family Book Short Review

Episode 11 Ahort Review

Tae Seo begs on his knees for Kang Chi to save her sister.
On the next day Kang Chi left hanging thinking if he should go save Chung Jo knowing she would decline, and besides he's different now than what he was before, Chung Jo doesn't even know about a thing and Kang Chi doesn't know where to start explaining.
Yeo Wool then comforted him by saying, "Even if your eyes, your face, your body changes. From the inside it still remains as you Kang Chi."

On the other hand, Chung Jo who reunites with her servant and asks about her family, then and there she founds out about what happened to her mother.
The servant girl hurriedly go back to Hundred Years Inn to inform other trustworthy servants about Chung Jo who will spend a night with Jo Gwan Woong (which she heard a while ago from other gisaeng).
One guy who's on Kang Chi's side then relied the news to Kang Chi, they decided not to tell Tae Seo since it's something awful, but unfortunately Tae Seo over heard the whole conversation.

On that night where Chung Jo is supposed to spend a night with Jo Gwan Woong, Head Gisaeng Soo Ryun decides to put her life to save Chung Jo by disobeying Jo Gwan Woong's order.
Soo Ryun told everyone that they would not accept guest for that night.
As soon as Jo Gwan Woong arrives, he found Soo Ryun sitting in front of the entrance and insisted to take his orders or she would prefer to get killed instead.
Jo Gwan who's evilness is beyond measurable then grabs the sword of his right man and raised it as he's prepared to cut off Soo Ryun.

Just then, Kang Chi called out from the roof and jumps over, thanked Soo Ryun for trying to save Chung Jo and that he would not forget about her kindness.
Then and there Jo Gwan's hidden minions came out and was prepared to fight Kang Chi.
Kang Chi who was asked by Yeo Wool not to fight and just run to the super market for she has a plan.
Kang Chi followed Yeo Wool's words and run off to the market,
on the other hand Yeo Wool take Chung Jo with her and ran off.

On the market, four people (who was asked by Yeo Wool) dressed up as Kang Chi, appeared running out from one way and another, as to confuse the enemies.
Gon was waiting in the academy all night long.
In the end they succeed and got back to the Academy safely.

Chung Jo and Tae Seo reunites in an emotional atmosphere.
On the next day, Kang Chi decided go somewhere far and live with Chung Jo
as that was Tae Seo asks him to.
Yeo Wool was disappointed because Kang Chi didn't keep his promise to tell her first if he is to leave or not. Yeo Wool did not say goodbye to Kang Chi.

As Kang Chi and Chung Jo headed to that mountain where his father lived, danger awaits them as the enemies are in a distance apart watching them, with Tae Seo!
The head Minion then asks Tae Seo to kill Kang Chi himself but first take off Kang Chi's bracelet, in exchange of her sisters life.
(So yes, Tae Seo is being manipulated again)

It was when Chung Jo and Kang Chi was resting, Chung Jo told Kang Chi,
"Do you know something? You haven't said anything since we left. I don't know, you seem different, it feels like you change in the time I haven't seen you. You feel so much distant."
Just as Kang Chi is about to tell Chung Jo about his true identity the group of thugs shows up. They chained Kang Chi. Then Tae Seo appeared.
Both Kang Chi and Chung Jo left up shocked and puzzled.
Tae Seo then started saying, "I'm here to cut you off Kang Chi. Chung Jo is the only family I have left. I have no choice. I need to protect her. Please forgive me. Kang Chi.".
He then approach closer to Kang Chi and grab his wrist, take off the bracelet. Kang Chi who can't move can't do anything but shout, "No, Tae Seo. No!"

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