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Two Weeks Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 투윅스
English Title: Two Weeks
Genre: Action, Thriller
No. of Episodes: 16
Original Channel: MBC
Original Run: August 7, 2013 - TBA

(Episode 3)
"Humans are the scariest things in this world."

(Episode 8)
"Seo Soo Jin: A long, long time ago a mountain and the sun were in love. They loved each other so so much, but they broke up.
Seo In Hye: Why did they break up when they loved each other so much?
Seo Soo Jin: So, the sun always came to see the mountain. Because the sun liked the mountain so much that the sun didn't go home. So that's why, the sun was always next to the mountain. The trees weren't able to sleep, and the flowers and the birds couldn't sleep. So without a choice, the mountain was hot, warm and was sweating. And got mad at the sun, wanting to go to sleep. But the truth was, even if the mountain was not able to sleep for 100 nights, the mountain liked the sun.
Seo In Hye: So the sun was so mad that they broke up?
Seo Soo Jin: Right? That could be what happened, right?
Seo In Hye: Did the sun leave? Where did she go?
Seo Soo Jin: She probably went to the moon. The story is so bad beyond words, right?"

"One can't control your heart."
Seo In Hye

"There isn't a person alive who doesn't have someone in their past."
Park Ji Sook

(Episode 9)
"If there is a smoke rising up on a far away mountain, everyone bellieves that there is a fire. Would they go as far as to confirm it?"
Jo Seo Hee

(Episode 10)
"After the sun left, because there was no sun, it became dark and cold. That's why even the birds don't come and the flowers also don't bloom. But the mountain, because it is a mountain, cannot move. That's why the mountain alone is unable to budge from that place. Everyday, in the dark and the cold. It's sad right? The mountain must be really lonely, right?"
Seo Soo Jin

"If you're sorry then don't make things that'll make you feel sorry."
Seo In Hye

"In this world, there is no such thing as "there was no other choice."."
Jang Tae San

(Episode 11)
"Because there isn't anyone who isn't afraid  to die."
Jang Tae San

(Episode 13)
"Seo In Hye: I like the fact that I am in your eyes. It looks like I'm contained in them.
Jang Tae San: The reflection in the eye is only for that moment, though. The important thing is being contained in the heart."

(Episode 16 - Finale)
"If you live looking back at all the regrets, you'll never live according to your fated lifespan."
Han Chi Gook

"There's no life without any regrets."
Han Chi Gook

"People only look on the outside and make misunderstandings often."
Jang Tae San

"Do you know what sticks to the heart and get off that easily? Regrets and lingering affection."
Im Seung Woo

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