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Who Are You Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 후아유
English Title: Who Are You
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
No. of Episodes: 16
Original Channel: tvN
Original Run: July 29, 2013 - TBA

(Episode 1)
"If you follow, then your destiny will guide you. If you don't follow, then your destiny will force you."
Yang Si On

(Episode 2)
"I found the most important thing in my life during the worst time in my life."
Choi Moon Sik

(Episode 6)
"The worst thing in love is lying."
Jang Hee Bin

(Episode 11)
"Opportunity comes in times of crisis."
Im Sung Chan

(Episode 15 *last convo between Si On & Hyung Joon)
"Hyung Joon: Si On.
Si On: Oppa.
Hyung Joon: I want to see your child-like self again.
Si On: You're not here.
Hyung Joon: In this world, I didn't think that there was anyone who could take care of you like I could. But I can leave peacefully.
Hyung Joon: Si On.
Si On: Yes.
Hyung Joon: I died six years ago.
Si On: You're alive, like this, so. Why?
Hyung Joon: That's not me. It's just an empty body, with no soul. Don't cry. I'm fine. Don't get sick, and drive from now on, and don't lose your stuff, and with the person you love, have a beautiful baby and live a happy life.
Si On: Oppa. Oppa."

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