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Her Legend Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 그녀의 신화
English Title: Her Legend
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family
No. of Episodes: 20
Original Channel: jTBC
Original Run: August 5, 2013 - TBA
Her Legend OST

(Episode 1)
"If you can dream it you can live it."
Choi Su Ho

(Episode 2)
"Say what you want to say. Being able to truthfully say what you want, is what brave and strong kids do."
Woo Do Young

(Episode 4)
"There's no expiration date for a secret."
Eun Jung Soo

(Episode 8)
"The most expensive thing in the world is getting anything free."
Eun Jung Soo

(Episode 10)
"Everyone changes. People get desperate when they're backed into a corner. People that you assume and don't assume. People that you expect and don't expect. People change all the time whether you like it or not. It's human nature."
Kim Seo Hyun / Eun Kyung Hee

(Episode 14)
"There's no such thing as secret."
Eun Ki Jung

(Episode 16)
"The hardest thing to do in the world, is to hate someone you love."
Kang Min Ki

(Episode 17)
"Sincerity moves heaven."
Kim Mi Yeon

(Episode 19)
"If you can see and listen to a person's heart, how would you feel? Instead of liking it, it would probably be unbearable right? But still, it would be nice if the other person would occasionally know. So nothing is hidden. In that way, if you get caught, you have no choice but to confess."
Kang Min Ki

"Even the best imitation bags that even the experts can't tell are fake. In the end they don't become the real thing."
Eun Jung Soo

(Episode 20 - Finale)
"Do you know why people exist? They exist to be there for each other when they are suffering and struggling."

"In the beginning, no one thinks about how many times they're going to lie. Every time you lie, you always think that's going to be the last time. But, you keep trying to cover your tracks. And you have to lie some more. Going back seems to get more hopeless."
Kim Seo Hyun

"You can't dissapoint anyone if you don't have any expectations to begin with."
Kim Seo Hyun

"Everyone makes mistakes. You just have to recognize your mistakes and not repeat it again."
Woo Do Young

"I just realized that what we're seeing now, isn't everything. If you're not sincere. Even if it's standing right in front of you, you'll never be able to see it."
Kim Seo Hyun

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