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Healer (힐러) Quotes | Korean Drama

Drama Title: 힐러
English Title: Healer
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Comedy, Drama
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Channel: KBS2
Original Run: December 8, 2014 ㅡ February 10, 2015

(Episode 2)
"Make the second thing you like most as your job and leave the thing you like most as your hobby."
Chae Young Shin

"Everyone has their moments but it all passes."
Chae Young Shin

(Episode 3)
"Fate, destiny, I believe in that kind of stuff. If it didn't exist, why would words for it exist."
Chae Young Shin

(Episode 5)
"When two predators meet, there isn't anyone who doesn't fear. Everyone is afraid. However, it is the one who shows fear first that will lose their life first. Therefore, if someone is coming after you before your weakness are revealed, attack them first."

(Episode 7)
"Unrequited love is something you're forced to do because there's no exchange of feelings."
Chae Young Shin

(Episode 9)
"If you have even one person you can truly trust and rely on, no matter how often you get stabbed in th back you don't get that hurt."
Chae Young Shin

"Rather than be suspicious of people, it's easier to trust them."
Chae Young Shin

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