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Gap Dong (갑동이) Quotes [Korean Drama]

Drama Title: 갑동이
English Title: Gap Dong
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Channel: tvN
Original Run: April 11, 2014 - June 21, 2014

(Episode 3)
"There's beginning, but there's no end."
Oh Maria

(Episode 4)
"Sometimes the truth is revealed later."
Han Sang Hoon

"The saddest truth I learned from this field is that, humans do things that can't be explained sometimes."
Han Sang Hoon

(Episode 8)
"Ryu Tae Oh: How does it feel to like someone?
Ma Ji Wool: It's tough, agonizing to death, gloomy as hell. It's annoying and feels like crap. It's not worth it.
Ryu Tae Oh: Why do people do it?
Ma Ji Wool: It's not your choice, it just happen."

(Episode 9)
"You were right. Liking someone is tough indeed. It's even tougher to trust in someone, right?"
Ryu Tae Oh

"We can fix broken things, and glue torn things."
Ha Moo Yeom

(Episode 11)
"It's tougher the more you try to avoid it."
Oh Maria

(Episode 12)
"The world is dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
Ha Moo Yeom

(Episode 13)
"Those who can sympathize aren't poor."
Ma Ji Wool

Criticism always follows when you defend the rich."
Ryu Tae Oh's Lawyer

(Episode 15)
"There's no such thing as perfect justice."
Ryu Tae Oh

(Episode 17)
"People feel good, when you're holding your mom, when a friend wants to play with you, or when you help your mom and dad. And when you give flowers to someone you like, you can both become happy."
Ma Ji Wool

(Episode 18)
"Sometimes what you see is not the truth."
Cha Do Hyeok

(Episode 20)
"Sometimes pity can be stronger than love."
Ha Moo Yeom

"Life is full of decisions. And ironically choices aren't a choice, but a must. No one has the freedom to not choose anything."
Oh Maria

"The easier it is to make a hard decision the less human you are."
Oh Maria

"There are no clear answers in life. It'd be weird to make choices without struggles."
Ha Moo Yeom

"Depending on your choice you can be on a smooth freeway or a tiring but nice road."
Ha Moo Yeom

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