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Doctor Stranger (닥터 이방인) Quotes [Korean Drama]

Drama Title: 닥터 이방인
English Title: Doctor Stranger
Genre: Medical, Romance
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Channel: SBS
Original Run: May 05, 2014 – July 8, 2014

(Episode 7)
"Everyone has a unique heartbeat. Just like everyone has a different face. Every pattern is different. There's only one person who shares the same heartbeat as you, it's your soulmate."
Park Hoon

(Episode 14)
"People are naturally attracted to new and exciting things."
Han Jae Joon

(Episode 15)
"Han Jae Joon: The princess who lives in the castle. That princess likes another knight. I saw the princess in tears after she got dumped by that knight from her proposal. But it put me in sorrow rather than making me upset.
Kim Chi Gyu: Then that must be real love. You hate her with passion but you're still feeling sad for her."

(Episode 18)
"There's no such thing as a lifelong friend or enemy."
Moon Hyung Wook

(Episode 20 - Finale)
"What's a politician? Yesterday's friend, today's enemy. Today's enemy is once again tomorrow's friend."
President Hang Chan Sung

"Getting a reward for doing something wrong, and getting penalized for doing something right. That's politics."
President Hang Chan Sung

"Multiple coincidences become fate."
Jang Seok Joo

"A policeman just has to be good at catching criminals. A doctor just has to be good at fixing people."
Park Hoon

"They say that you might not notice the filled spaces, but you always notice the empty spaces."
Eun Min Se

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