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A New Leaf (개과천선) Quotes [Korean Drama]

Drama Title: 개과천선
English Title: A New Leaf
Genre: Drama, Human, Legal
No. of Episodes: 18
Broadcast Channel: MBC
Original Run: April 30, 2013 - June 26, 2014

(Episode 2)
"Before you talk about the law, as a human being you need to have a conscience."
Kim Shin Il

"Some of us just aren't born to be happy like normal people. Some are destined to have extraordinary lives."
Cha Young Woo

(Episode 5)
"You can't avoid meeting bad luck."
Team Leader Kang

"A worry without a license or an ability is called a useless thought."
Kim Seok Joo

(Episode 16 - Finale)
"I don't know if effort will fix this relationship, but we'll regret not trying."
Yoo Jung Sun

"It's worth all the sacrifice in the long run."
Jeon Ji Won

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