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Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 앙큼한 돌싱녀
English Title: Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again
Genre: Romance, Comedy
No. of Episodes: 16
Original Channel: MBC
Original Run: February 27, 2014 - TBA

(Episode 3)
"You have to work through the hardships together. Only then, you get to enjoy the fruit of success."
Cha Jung Woo

"A human isn't a human if he doesn't change."
Kang Min Young

(Episode 4)
"When a woman holds a grudge, it can even snow in May."
Secretary Gil Yo Han

(Episode 6)
"Between siblings, and between parents and children, they get upset and then get over it. That's how everyone gets bonded together."
Na Gab Soo

(Episode 7)
"Do you know that trust is like a piece of paper? Once it's wrinkled, it can't become perfect again. Except to throw it out."
Cha Jung Woo

"A break-up is  possible if it isn't meant to be."
Gook Yeo Jin

"Do you know what kind of woman a guy has to avoid? A pretty but petty girl. She's pretty, but holds a grudge."
Cha Jung Woo

(Episode 8)
"After failing once, it isn't easy to take on the challenge again. What divorce is there without a wounds? On the outside, I may appear to be smiling. But on the inside, I'm crying."
Na Ae Ra

"After I make a decision, I don't spend time regretting it. Rather, I make a bigger effort, proving that I made the right decision. Because the past is of no use."
Gook Yeo Jin

"If you take the easy road because it's too difficult, a dream will always remain just a dream."
Cha Jung Woo's Father

(Episode 9)
"If a woman loses her freshness, maturity blooms."
Na Ae Ra

"They say a man is really unattractive when he's jealous. And there isn't even medicine for that."
Secretary Gil Yo Han

(Episode 10)
"Whether you accpet me or not is your mind, but whether I like someone or not is mine."
Gook Seung  Hyun

"When choosing friends, be cautious. When leaving a friend, be more cautious."
Gook Seung Hyun

"A finished fate is finished."
Jang Sook Ja

(Episode 11)
"Even though love is important for a married couple, the friendship that grows while living together is more important."
Jang Sook Ja

"In love, the one who loves most is the weaker one."
Gook Yeo Jin

"No matter how much you try to deny it with words, the body is quite truthful."
Secretary Gil Yo Han

(Episode 12)
"There are some moments that any couple wants to remember. After meeting that person for the first time, when we become blind, and can't see anything else but that person. "This person is the one.". Feeling that this person is everything in the world. Becoming the most important people for each other. They become a couple. After living, our eyes are opened, and we bite, tear and scratch each other. But still, because there are those precious moments, don't we endure the rest of our difficult lives?"
Na Ae Ra

"The reason why wives like receiving anniversary gifts of handbags and rings is, through that one item, remembering that day, not because they are expensive gifts. And for preparing that gift, she's thankful for her husband's heart who was thinking of his wife. The thing that makes a wife the happiest is her husband. A husband's heart."
Na Ae Ra

(Episode 13)
"To all parents, their children are their hope."
Kam Jung Won

(Episode 16 - finale)
"Two things you had to do properly. "I'm sorry, Honey" and "I understand.". If there's a reason to apologize then, "I'm sorry, Honey." in a hurry. If there's a reason for an apology then, "I understand, Honey.""
Na Gab Soo

"If you were meant to meet, then you'll meet. Things that will happen, will happen no matter what."
Gil Yo Han

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