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The Prime Minister and I Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 총리와 나
English Title: Prime Minister and I
Genre: Romance, Comedy
No. of Episodes: 17
Original Channel: KBS2
Original Run: December 09, 2013 - January 04, 2014

(Episode 4)
"Being afraid, doesn't mean that can become a reason for you to run away."
Kwon Yool

(Episode 8)
"Everyone has things that don't go the way they want them to."
Kwon Yool

"Everyone has secrets they don't want to tell anyone, at least one."
Kwon Yool

(Episode 11)
"For bad things, it's best to not start."
Seo Hye Joo

(Episode 12)
"Watching from the back, that's really hard."
Seo Hye Joo

"I guess it's usual for the person who leaves first to be resented in the hearts of those who are left behind."
Nam Da Jung

"If a woman confesses first, that makes her too easy."
Kwon Yool

"Forgiveness is the greatest revenge."
Nam Da Jung

(Episode 13)
"Being afraid is not a legitimate reason to run away."
Nam Da Jung

(Episode 14)
"When we get sick while we're by ourselves, we feel very sad and tears come, don't we?"
Nam Da Jung

"A person with overly clear eyes can't hide his hurt. Because it is all reflected in the eyes."
Kwon Yool

(Episode 15)
"Teacher, what do you think is the GCF (greatest common factor) of my love and pain? Is that breaking up?"
Kwon Na Ra

"When people live, they encounter moments when they face truths they don't want to accept. However, knowing the truth doesn't always bring happiness."
Nam Da Jung

"Isn't it possible that you'd struggle over the truth more once you know the truth?"
Nam Da Jung

(Episode 16)
"There's really no end to people's greed."
Park Na Young

(Episode 17 - Finale)
"I don't think time solves everything."
Kwon Yool

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