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You Who Came From The Stars Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 별에서 온 그대
English Title: You Who Came From The Stars
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Melodrama
No. of Episodes: 21
Original Channel: SBS
Original Run: December 18, 2013 - February 27, 2014

(Episode 1)
"If I help you once, twice, thrice, continuously asking for help. That is the way people live. And, paying me back whenever, won't happen. Life isn't long enough for people to mature."
Do Min Joon

(Episode 2)
"Just because we help them a bit, nothing is going to change for the good. In the end, things that are bound to happen will happen, bad things will become worse."
Do Min Joon

"I don't understand it. Why do people say they like me in front of my face, and then hate me from behind? Just why would they do that, Bok Ja?"
Cheon Song Yi

"If you want to, and even if you don't, things are bound to happen. Earthlings call it as fate."

(Episode 3)
"Over 10 years, I have a man who I have an unrequited crush on. He's a person who has not looked at me even once, I don't know why I just keep on looking at that person."
Yoo Se Mi

"Cheon Song Yi: A proposal? Someone singing a song just for me? While kneeling?
Do Min Joon: People who get on their knees and sing, they're so childish.
Cheon Song Yi: They're doing it for the childish taste. That's what love is."
(Episode 3)

"Love cannot defeat time."
Do Min Joon

(Episode 4)
"The pain that I thought I would never forget passed away with time."
Do Min Joon

"People live really diligently even though they know they're going to die. Even though they know they will break up at one point, when they love, they love like there's no tomorrow."
Lawyer Jang Young Mok

"Things will get better as time passes. It could even become as if it never happened. But although the future is important, isn't the present just as important?"
Lawyer Jang Young-Mok

"When I was young, there was a time when I could have gotten into a big accident. But, there was a man who saved me. I can't really think of his face, but he was rather tall, and he was the warm, gentle type. It was the best. Though it was just a short moment, it was very mysterious, and warm at the same time. I still remember it. I don't know if that man will remember me though. But you know, if I see that person, I think I would recognize him immediately. Just like 'Fate'."
Cheon Song Yi

(Episode 5)
"Public sentiment is meant to be turned. One incident covers another (previous) incident. If there is another more major incident, public sentiment will lean towards it."
Lee Hyung Wook (cameo)

"Do you want to know the method to not be hurt by people? Don't give or take anything. Don't expect anything either. Then, you won't be disappointed or hurt."
Do Min Joon

"People don't want to know the facts. They just need someone to blame."

"I'm comfortable if I live loving myself, but if I start liking someone else, life becomes difficult. It hits you like that at once. Puff. It's usually like that. There is no time to prepare your mind, suddenly, randomly, absurdly, it just hits you."
Cheon Song Yi

"First love is usually the most difficult. "Did I eat something wrong?", "Am I mad?""
Hong Jin Kyung

(Episode 6)
"Jealousy is the lowest form of human emotion. Ir is both crude and immature."
Do Min Joon

"These days, I'm glad that you are going through a hard time. Im actually happy that you are in a trouble. Because there are things I can do for you. Because there's a gap I can squeeze myself into."
Lee Hui Kyung

"There's a moment that I want to stop it forever. Even doing such a thing, there are some words that I don't want to hear."
Do Min Joon

(Episode 9)
"Before holding grudge against the people around you for not taking on your side, think about why you haven't been able to make them stand on your side."
Do Min Joon

(Episode 12)
"A person's mentality is like that. When you see someone who's in a better place than yourself, it's not that you have the thought saying "I want to be there, too.". It's the thought that says "you should come down to the trenches I'm stuck in."."
Cheon Song Yi

"I dreamt a happy dream. And I realized. That happy dream makes me feel even more miserable when I wake up. In the first place, I should have not dreamed a happy dream."
Do Min Joon - narrated

(Episode 14)
"When you start to love someone, you also start to have fears. Because I might not be able to protect someone I need to protect, I'm afraid right now."
Do Min Joon

(Episode 15)
"A woman disliking someone can mean a lot of different things, but if a man states positively that he dislikes you, it is because he means it."
Hong Jin Kyung

(Episode 17)
"Once we know everything about each other, the fantasies about each other will be gone."
Cheon Song Yi

(Episode 18)
"If you're healthy, you can protect your loved one."
Cheon Min Koo

(Episode 19)
"The only things that will remain are pictures."
Cheon Song Yi

"Do Min Joon, whom I love. (Do Min Joon: What it is?) It's time for us to wake up from our dream. You, for my sake, exist somewhere. For my sake, don't die. Exist somewhere. What I'm saying is, go. To the place where you were."
Cheon Song Yi

(Episode 20)
"I love you, Do Min Joon. As you lived way longer than me, even though you will forget eventually, a perfect woman such as me really loved you a lot and liked you. Don't forget and feel proud about it."
Cheon Song Yi

"The greatest power that I possess is stopping time. (Cheon Song Yi: You know how to do that?) Of course. I am a more capable guy than you think. I stopped the time during the class and during the time where you aren't aware of, I said this. I love you Cheon Song Yi. Because if I told you while time was flowing by, I felt that everything would flow away and disappear. So, I told you while time was stopped. I love you Cheon Song Yi. I love You."
Do Min Joon

"I was more scared of not having you anywhere in the world."
Cheon Song Yi

""Goodbye" is something you say in advance."
Do Min Joon

(Episode 21 - Finale)
"Cheon Song Yi: How long will it take? Until it doesn't hurt to talk about him. How long will it take? Will that day ever come?
Oh Se Mi: When it doesn't hurt to think about him?
Cheon Song Yi: What are you talking about?
Oh Se Mi: You're only thinking about him. You can't stop thinking about him. It's harder to not think about him. But at some point, you will realize that you're thinking about him. Then you think, "Oh, I was actually thinking about something else until I thought of him.". That's when it doesn't hurt. That means you can have other thoughts once in a while.
Cheon Song Yi: You sound like an expert at this. So how long does it take?
Oh Se Mi: 15 years?
Cheon Song Yi: Are you kidding me?
Oh Se Mi: It took me 15 years. It doesn't hurt anymore.
Cheon Song Yi: It must have been hard. If it really takes that long. How am I going to live?"
(Episode 21 - Finale)

"Is disappearing without a heads-up difficult to bear with? Of course it is. But it also makes me love him more. Because every moment that we're together could be our last. And that makes every moment precious."
Cheon Song Yi


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