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Bride of the Century Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 백년의 신부
English Title: Bride of the Century
Genre: Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance
No. of Episodes: 16
Original Channel: TV Chosun (CSTV)
Original Run: February 22, 2014 - TBA

(Episode 2)
"There are many unexplainable things in the world."
Jang Yi Hyun

(Episode 3)
"Men are all animals. You don't know when they'll turn on you."
Choi Kang In

"They say that generosity is a sickness too."
Kim Myeong Hee

"What you do not see may not be real. But just because you do not see it doesnt mean it does not exist."

(Episode 4)
"Waiting for someone who's left you is a waste of time."
Choi Kang Joo

"You never know how a person's heart changes."
Lee Roo Mi

"There are three things that you can never hide. A loud sneeze, a hole in a sock, and one's love for someone!"
Ahn Dong Daek

(Episode 5)
"Each person has a place where they belong."
Kim Myeong Hee

(Episode 6)
"People grow attached to each other over meals and stuff."
Na Doo Rim

(Episode 7)
"People only believe what they want to believe."
Sung Joo Shin

"They say that there's no reason for falling in love and no reason for falling out of love."
Oh Jin Joo

(Episode 8)
"Love is selfish. You want that person to yourself and you want to constantly touch her, you definitely don't want to lose her."
Choi Kang In

(Episode 9)
"Lee Ro Mi: If you marry Kang Joo, you could die. Aren't you scared?
Na Do Rim: What I'm really afraid of, is letting Kang Ju go and living the rest of my life regretting that decision."
(Episode 9)

(Episode 10)
"After today, things you'd never even imagined may happen. There's a saying that the end is the start of a new beginning."
Lee Roo Mi

"A flower does not bloom effortlessly. A flower that stands strong against the wind is that much more precious and will make it that much stronger."
Choi Il Do

(Episode 11)
"It's okay to be greedy if you are worthy of it. But when you are overzealous beyond your means then you are setting yourself up for failure."
Kim Myeong Hee

"In order to achieve great things, small sacrifices are needed."
Ma Jae Ran

"Forgiveness is given by someone with power to someone with less power."
Kim Myeong Hee

(Episode 12)
"I want to think love isn't just about holding onto the person. Having no choice but to let go, and knowing to let go, has to be love as well."
Na Doo Rim

(Episode 13)
"Life just went on."
Na Doo Rim

(Episode 14)
"You can't become happy by hurting other people."
Jang Yi Hyun

(Episode 16 - finale)
"When you meet, you part ways but when you part ways, you're bound to meet again."
Sung Joo Shin

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