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Gu Family Book Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title :  구가의서
English Title : Gu Family Book
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Historical, Fantasy
No. of Episodes : 24
Original Channel : MBC
Original Run : April 1, 2013 - June 25, 2013

(Episode 1)
"The first exception is the most crucial mistake. Once you make the first exception, the second and third times become easier."
Jo Gwan Woong

(Episode 3)
"In life, there are things you have to do even if you don't want to."
Park Chung Jo

"Sometimes strength is not enough."
Park Chung Jo

"Men need to have some fat on their face. They should have broad shoulders. Then, girls will fall for them."
Fortune Teller

"Girls need to be delicate and feminine to get guys."
Fortune Teller

"Even an old shoe has a matching pair. Why would a human being be matchless?"
Monk Sojung

"Even if you are destined, if you don't choose that path, your fate can change."
Monk Sojung

(Episode 4)
"Choi Kang Chi: Do you know me? Or have we meet somewhere before?
Dam Yeo Wool: How about you, do you know me? By chance have we meet somewhere before?
Choi Kang Chi: I really can't remember. That's why I am asking you.
Dam Yeo Wool: If you don't remember, then we haven't met. If it's a meeting you don't remember, it doesn't mean anything anymore.
Choi Kang Chi: What if I do remember? Does that mean our meeting has a meaning?"

(Episode 8)
"It'll be easier than holding on to this life. It just takes one moment to die."
Choi Kang Chi

"The heavens decide on human fate. Humans just try their best at what they believe to be right."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

(Episode 11)
"Fear and anger make things distorted."
Master Gong Dal

"Humans are much weaker than you think. Because they are weak, sometimes they become cruel."
Master Gong Dal

(Episode 12)
"You told me yourself that there are no evil people in this world. That there are just bad situations."
Dam Yeo Wool

"The ones you love the most are always the ones that hurt you the most. You get hurt because you love and care about them."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

"A man needs a friend to share goals with, a woman to share his heart with, and  a nation to serve with all of his heart. That's the best life one can live."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

(Episode 13)
"How can you stop one's feelings for another? How can you stop the blowing wind? "
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

"Anxiety brings uncertain futures."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

"You're already suspecting that I did that. What's the point of trying to deny it? It will just sound like an excuse. And you won't believe in those excuses."
Choi Kang Chi

(Episode 14)
"There is no one that can win over time."
Monk So Jung

"I wonder which is harder? Accepting one's fate and living through it, or denying it forever and pretending."
Park Chung Jo

(Episode 16)
"Trust is not something that falls from the sky one day. Trust is something you build through time and relationships. If people don't trust you, it's because you haven't built up a good relationship. You shouldn't blame others."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

"Living your life only to get acknowledged by others, that's hypocrisy, Kang Chi."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

"The weight of trust is the weight of one's relationship. If you want to be trusted, first learn how to get along with others."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

(Episode 17)
"Jealousy is for people who don't have something."
Dam Yeo Wool

(Episode 19)
"Have you ever liked someone with all your heart? Your head and mind are full of that person. If he smiles, you smile, and when he cries, you get teary. Just being by his side makes your life feel complete and you feel safe."
Dam Yeo Wool

"There is an appropriate time for everything. Only those who can discern that timing can grasp victory."
Admiral Lee Soon Shin

(Episode 21)
"Without knowing his true essence, a man cannot truly know himself. Once you find out what your essence is, you'll also appreciate who you are for real."
Park Tae Seo

(Episode 24 - Finale)
"I, to you, don't want to be a sad memory, but a happy one. Also I don't want to be your tears. But it would be better if I was your smile. Whenever you think of me. I wish you would be happy."
Dam Yeo Wool

"When I meet you again, at that time, I will recognize you first. When I meet you again, at that time, I will love you first."
Choi Kang Chi

"The first love helps one grow up, and the last love completes the person."
Park Chung Jo


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