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All About My Romance Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title :  내 연애의 모든것
English Title : All About My Romance
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Politics
No. of Episodes : 16
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : April 4, 2013 - May 29, 2013

(Episode 2)
"If lies or exaggerations are repeated, then it becomes habitual."
Kim Soo Young

(Episode 3)
"People are alike. Two eyes, one nose, and one mouth!"
Kim Soo Young

"What really sexy is, when a person's intelligence and conviction are in sync and knowing how to drive that force to go after his or her goal."
Kim Soo Young

"A person's life, no matter how well you try to plan it, it never goes according to your plan."
Kim Soo Young

"I saw it on my way down. The flower I didn't get to see on my way up."
Maeng Joo Ho /Aide Mang

"I belive that an apology is made when there's a desire to do it and the person receiving the apology must also have the desire to accept the apology."
Noh Min Young

(Episode 4)
"The important thing isn't the mistake, but what happens afterwards."
Ko Dae Ryong

"If the interests don't match up, you can find ways to match them."
Aide Mang / Maeng Joo Ho

(Episode 5)
"Do you know what the antonym is for the word, love? It's indefference."
Kim Soo Young

"Loving someone who's sweet and lovable is something anyone can do. Loving a person who's like a monster, is a real challenge as a human being."
Kim Soo Young

(Episode 6)
"The old saying really are to be respected. The one who was beaten sleeps with his legs sprawled out, but the one who beat him can't sleep with his legs sprawled out. Is that right?"
Kim Soo Young

"Dating also needs plans and actions."
Adie Maeng

"It's been said that a nation that forgets their past has no future."
Moon Bong Shik

"I'm so humiliated. But I can't even show it. Because showing, that would be even more humiliating."
Ahn Hee Sun

(Episode 7)
"Human beings are creatures that cannot survive without lying."
Kim Soo Young

"Comparing yourself to others isn't good. Once you start comparing, there's never an end to it."
Noh Min Young

(Episode 8)
"In this world, rather than your own satisfaction, your own opinion or selection, how other people view you is more important. You have to live in the fear of what others think of you and how they view you and live in constant reminder of that."
Kim Soo Young

(Episode 9)
"If your heart is struggling, your body is going to struggle too."
Song Joon Ha

"Memories do tend to get romanticized into something grander as the time goes on."
Go Dong Sook

"Because all rumors starts from a grain of truth."
Kim Soo Young

(Episode 10)
"Love to me doesn't just mean constantly giving but it also includes receiving something in return."
Ahn Hee Sun

"When a person is too lonely, they stop being picky and bite on anything."
Go Dong Sook

(Episode 11)
"There's also a hearing that goes on inside your own heart. Because your pride is hurt, and your fear coming across petty and uncool, you can't even ask the questions that are burning inside you. A hearing that only casts suspicions and asks silent questions from inside you."
Noh Min Young

(Episode 12)
"If they keep getting told 'No', won't it make the relationship between a man and woman flame even hotter?"
Go Dong Sook

(Episode 13)
"Just because they're famous doesn't mean everything is good."
Noh Min Young

(Episode 14)
"Talking about breaking up. Talking about abandoning someone. Words like that, isn't something that should be said so easily."
Kim Soo Young

"People need to love."
Moon Bong Shik

"The only way to stop a scandal is with another scandal, right?"
Ahn Hee Sun

(Episode 15)
"Min Young: I never said goodbye to him.
Soo Young: It was just a moment of pause between us.
Min Young: That's how we said our farewells.
Soo Young: While caught in the moment of pause between us."

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