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Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title :  장옥정, 사랑에 살다
English Title : Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love
Genre : Romance, Historical
No. of Episodes : 24
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : April 8, 2013 - June 25, 2013

(Episode 1)
"If I hadn't been caught, it wouldn't count as stealing."
Sook Bin Choi

"All things starts with one step. A battle can't be won by an army without weapons just because a banner is waved."
Lee Soon

"If you repeat coincidences often enough, it can turn into destiny."
Lee Soon

"They say that the older a woman gets, the greedier she becomes for wealth and money."

(Episode 2)
"The best part about doing things you're not supposed to do is the thrill of getting caught."
Prince Dong Pyung

"They're called wishes because it's hard to come true."
young Lee Soon

"We should let go of things that needs to be let go."
young Lee Soon

(Episode 3)
"Even if she gives away her lips, she should never give away her money."
Lee Soon

"Even though it's like a warm spring breeze when men first approach you, it turns into a cold winter wind as soon as you're married. The woman's expectant heart will only get hurt in the end."
Jang Ok Jung

"They say that being wrong about something is worse than not knowing at all."
Jang Ok Jung

"They say it's always the weak and cowardly who are quick to display their strength."
Lee Soon

"Fireworks that shine brightly for a moment and fade away just like that, reminds me of our lives. Therefore, I prefer the moonlight that always shines softly up in the night sky."
Queen In Hyun

"There are two things in this world that you can't force to go your own way. One is a person's heart. And the other is forcing destiny."
Jang Ok Jung

"Two things you can't guarantee in life are people's heart and destiny."
Prince Boksun

"Relationships can be formed depending on the circumstances and situation."
Prince Boksun

"There's nothing that can move a person's heart better than sincerity."
Jang Ok Jung

(Episode 4)
"Whether you get hurt by weapons or feelings, it hurts when you get shot in the heart."
Jang Ok Jung

"The throne is truly a cruel seat."
Lee Soon's Father

"You can't see what's coming in life."
Queen Dowager

(Episode 5)
"You should never trust anyone but yourself."
Lee Soon's Father

(Episode 6)
"I believe the immeasurable heart of a person is the deepest thing in the world."
Jang Ok Jung

(Episode 7)
"Even if it's the truth, if the person listening to it closes his ears and his heart, how could the truth be delivered?"
Jang Ok Jung

"Rumors are always exaggerated."
Jang Ok Jung

"A path can be straight, but sometimes there can be a roundabout way to arrive at the destination."
Queen Inhyun

(Episode 8)
"Victory depends on who agonized over it more."
Court Lady Choi

"It took a long way to get here, but it's farther away from here to get you. The place you are is farther than the earth and higher than the sky. The sky that I can never get close to or touch is you, Your Majesty!"
Jang Ok Jung

"If I'm still not a man to you. And I'm the sky that you can't get close to or touch. Then watch. Take a close look. That sky will fall on you."
Lee Soon

(Episode 9)
"At first, I was afraid it was approaching me. Then at some point, I became afraid that it might stop coming towards me. Then I started to miss it when I didn't see. At the end, I started hovering over it before I knew what I was doing."
Lee Soon

(Episode 10)
"You may block the tiger coming from the front. But you can't block the fate coming from behind!"
Queen Dowager

(Episode 11)
"Sometimes, it's better not to know."
Jang Ok Jung

(Episode 12)
"Hate is also a feeling of affection."
Jang Ok Jung

(Episode 13)
"No one can say for sure about life until the end of the road. Everyone does her best to live her own life."
Court Lady Choi

(Episode 14)
"A person's mood can be sunny or cloudy like the weather."
Prince Dong Pyung

(Episode 18)
"Love goes forward, but not back."
Queen Inhyun

(Episode 19)
"If someone spits on you, wait until it dries out. The spit will naturally dry without being wiped. So when it happens, take it with a smile."
Queen Inhyun

(Episode 20)
"No one can do well from the beginning. But when mistakes repeat themselves, it's not a mistake, it becomes a fault."
King Lee Soon

(Episode 24 - Finale)
"'Never', there is no 'never' in this world. You can't be so certain about the future."
Jang Ok Jung

"The more you struggle to survive, the deeper you fall into the pit."
Jang Ok Jung

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