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Incarnation of Money Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 돈의 화신
English Title : Incarnation of Money
Genre : Melodrama, Comedy, Romance, Mystery
No. of Episodes : 24
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : February 2, 2013 - present
Incarnation of Money OST
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(Episode 1)

"Money can be sad and scary."
Chairman Lee

(Episode 2)

"Just because I have money in my hands does not mean that it is mine. The owner of money is not the one who earns it, but it is the one who spends it."
Chairman Lee

"Money is scarier than a ghost."
Chairman Lee

"Nothing is impossible with money as long as you have enough money."
Chairman Lee

"Anyone can be a prosecutor, but it's very difficult to be just."

(Episode 3)

"You can't put price on love."
Eun Bi Ryung

(Episode 4)

"There is nothing in the world that money can't do, only that... you may not have enough money."
Lee Cha Don

"Suspicion that involves money is more scary than being suspicious of your wife's infidelity."
Kim Pal Do

(Episode 5)

"Men are all the same, regardless of position."
Bok Hwa Sool

(Episode 7)

"While living a life, anyone can get bitten by a crazy dog."

(Episode 8)

"When a prosecutor makes a mistake, you make an innocent person a criminal. If a prosecutor gives up, a criminal go free."
Jeon Ji Hoo

"There is no such thing as a perfect crime. There's got to be a hole somewhere."
Jeon Ji Hoo

(Episode 9)

"Building a sandcastle is difficult, but destroying can be done in a second."
Bok Hwa Sool

(Episode 10)

"Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet."
Lee Cha Don

(Episode 13)

"Love is not a crime."
Bok Jae In

"No matter how soon you do it, it's always too late to regret."
Ji Se Gwang

(Episode 14)

"We are big ship about to enter the ocean, we shouldn't worry about little rocks hidden in the river."
Gwon Jae Gyu

"A skillful hunter never chases after a prey."
Gwon Jae Gyu

"The fact that you can't lean on someone means it is not love. That's obsession."
Lee Cha Don

"There is not a single thing to be done without any pain. Even a flower can bloom fully in the spring after enduring the cold wind well in the winter."
Bok Hwa Sool

(Episode 15)

"Love fades after time, whereas friendship shines with age."
Lee Cha Don

"There's no such thing as an eternal handshake. Joined hands can part when asying goodbye."
Gwon Jae Gyu

"When love gets lukewarm, nothing works better than jealousy to rekindle it."
Bok Hwa Sool

"You can't fool a woman's intuition."
Hong Ja Mong

(Episode 16)

"There are two kinds of money. Money that you can see, and money that you cannot. Money that you can see is honest money. Money that you can't see is dirty money."
Bok Hwa Sool

"In front of money, there is no such thing as love."
Hwang Jang Sik

(Episode 18)

"It is foolish to go to battle without knowing your enemy."
Gwon Jae Gyu

(Episode 21)

"The truth is something complainers want to find out. Because those people do not have the power to create the truth. That's why people want to possess power."
Gwon Jae Gyu

"In your life, sometimes you might get humilated unexpectedly. In that situation, a frontal assault is the answer."
Bok Hwa Sol

(Episode 22)

"You'll run into your worst enemy at the worst place and time."
Lee Cha Don

"We all can commint sins, because we are only human. But, there are not many chances to right the wrong."
Lee Cha Don

(Episode 24 - Finale)

"Law was created out of fear of people killing each other."
Gwon Jae Gyu

"There are two different types of evil people. One that repents, and another one that never repents."
Lee Cha Don

Incarnation of Money OST
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