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7th Grade Civil Servant Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 7급공무원
English Title : 7th Grade Civil Servant
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Action
No.of Episodes : 20
Original Channel : MBC
Original Run : January 23, 2013 - March 28, 2013
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(Episode 1)

"There's no such thing as fate."
Han Pil Hoon

"A meeting between two people is caused by fate."
Han Pil Hoon

"I believe there's no life that exists which is cooler than loving one entity all your life."
Han Pil Hoon

(Episode 2)

"Those who are misunderstood are always lonely."
Gong Do Ha

(Episode 3)

"The reason for all women's existence is to be complimented by men."
Trainer Kim Won Suk

"Don't fall for any compliments that a man gives you. Because it's all just their ploy to seduce you."
Trainer Jang Young Soon

"If you don't have it, then just live modestly without it."
Han Gil Ro

(Episode 4)

"Not being able to get drunk when you want to get drunk, do you know how sad that is?"
Trainer Kim Won Suk

(Episode 5)

"The person being ditched has lots of questions."
Kim Mi Rae

"There are lots of men who had been ditched without them being aware."
Kim Mi Rae

"There's no limit to earning money. Whether is it clean money or dirty money, it's all the same."
Kim Mi Rae

(Episode 6)

"Feeling hurt is better off than dying."
Trainer Kim Won Suk

(Episode 7)

"Revenge is the purest form of emotion. Without any bit of impurity mixed in it."
JJ / Choi Woo Jin

(Episode 8)

"It usually hurts when you start liking someone. It'll hurt more when you come even closer."
Kim Seo Won

(Episode 9)

"There's nothing more wonderful than protecting his own family in this world."
Trainer Kim Won Suk

"Don't you know that if you side your girlfriend in front of your mom, your mom would come to dislike that girlfriend more?"
Go Soo Ja

"Even if their child are useless, parents don't find them shameful. Even if you're an outstanding child, you don't have the right to find your parents shameful."
Kim Seo Won

"If a woman allows a man to visit her house, it goes to say she's open about everything. If a woman gives up the room she sleeps in, it goes to say she's giving her everything."
Oh Mak Nae

"The later people reconcile, the more regrets they feel."
Kim Seo Won

(Episode 10)

"So what if I delete it? I already memorized his number."
Shin Sun Mi

(Episode 11)

"If we can't protect each other, it'd be better to work separately."
Shin Sun Mi

(Episode 13)

"Revenge isn't for the sake of someone else. It's done for your own sake."
JJ / Choi Woo Jin

(Episode 15)

"Would love abide to rules? We follow what we feel."
Han Gil Ro

(Episode 16)

"It's good to be concern, but not persistant."
Kim Seo Won

(Episode 18)

"All people do have something that they want to hide from others."
Kim Seo Won

(Episode 20 - Finale)

"Making sure that you live on, thats the best form of revenge."
Kim Mi Rae

"Instead of crumbling down to a ruin, live happily and show it to them. That's how you get your revenge." Kim Seo Won

"Rather than the person doing the apologizing, it's the person who's doing the forgiving that needs to have the bigger courage."
Han Gil Ro

"Age isn't what's important to a woman, but how old she looks is what's really important."

*Updated! 04.04.13
this drama has just ended.

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