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Queen of Ambition (Yawang) Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 야왕 (Yawang)
English Title : Queen of Ambition / King of Ambition
Genre : Melodrama, Romance
No. of Episodes : 24
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : January 14, 2013 - April 2, 2013
Yawang OST
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(Episode 1)

"If you want revenge you should prepare two graves."
Ha Ryu

"It's painful to touch where it already hurts, isn't it?"
Joo Da Hae

"When you let go of something, you get something back."
Yang Taek Bae

(Episode 2)

"You can't hide your true colors."
Baek Ji Mi

"I can blame other people, but it's impossible to transfer that misfortune to those people."
Joo Da Hae

(Episode 3)

"Only wrapping him under your care doesn't necessarily mean that you are helping him."
Baek Chang Hak

"Will you be somebody else just because you change your clothes?"
Manager Park

(Episode 4)

"Money can make people do bad things."
Manager Park

(Episode 6)

"The title comes with a lot responsibilities."
Baek Do Kyung

(Episode 7)

"If a mother becomes sick, the child will starve."
Miss Hong / Hong An Sim

(Episode 8)

"Predatory animals do not hunt just for fun. They hunt to not starve to death."
Baek Chang Hak

"Only if you drop from somewhere high will you fully feel the pain of crashing."
Ha Ryu

(Episode 9)

"Once you are hungry, you become soft."
Uhm Sam Do

(Episode 11)

"One of the most dreadful punishments is, to make someone die slowly."
Ha Ryu (as Cha Jae Won)

"There are some forces in the world that can't be stopped."
Baek Do Kyung

(Episode 14)

"If you get greedy, you may die from wanting too much."
Baek Ji Mi

"Usually, someone who loves more is the weak one."
Baek Do Kyung

(Episode 16)

"When things go well for a little bit, you get greedy."
Baek Chang Hak

"With love, only when you feel it with your heart can you bottle it inside yourself, but... once you say it out loud the emotion grows uncontrollably."
Seok Soo Jung

"Love is beautiful only when it's genuine."
Seok Soo Jung

(Episode 19)

"I will make you confess your crimes, and beg for forgiveness in tears. That's what true revenge is."
Ha Ryu

(Episode 20)

"Being silent won't change anything."

"If you want to rise to the top, it demands hard work."
Joo Da Hae

"If you go up high, it takes a long time to fall."
Ha Ryu

"There isn't always a bright side in this world. Only because there is darkness, brightness exists."
Seok Tae Il

"There isn't always a bright side in this world. Only because there is darkness, brightness exists. Standing in the middle of two places, is what politics all about."
Seok Tae Il

(Episode 24 - Finale)

"Being first is the only way not to get ignored."
Young Joo Da Hae

"To not be hated by others, I had to hate them first. To not be stepped on, I had to step on them first."
Joo Da Hae

*Updated 034.04.13
this drama has just ended.

Yawang OST
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