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Boarding House No. 24 (하숙 24번지) Quotes | Korean Drama

Drama Title: 하숙 24번지
English Title: Boarding House No. 24
Genre: Sitcom, Romance, Comedy
No. of Episodes: 12
Broadcast Channel: MBC Every1
Original Run: September 24, 2014 - December 9, 2014

(Episode 2)
"The most difficult aspect of youth isn't about the type of background that you come from. But it's the inability to see what's coming and the insecurities that come along with not knowing."

(Episode 3)
"Youth. The frost that bites the tips of your nose must pass. Before the sweet scent of the flowers can be smelled."

(Episode 4)
"There is no such thing as a beautiful farewell. Just a trace of memory that a beautiful love story leaves behind."
Kim Dong Joon - Narrated

(Episode 5)
"As long as you keep dreaming. There comes a point when your dreams come closer to becoming a reality."

(Episode 6)
"When we can't act like mature adults we end up hurting someone. With the bandages that are put on to cover our wounds. That's when we begin to become adults."

(Episode 7)
"Even though it may be scary at first, it won't be scary the second time around."
Kim Dong Joon

"Being with the person you have feelings for does make you happier."
Kim Sa Eun

"The reason for our silence is to protect one another. Because we don't want to see the other in pain. Because we don't want to worry the other person. Because that won't change anything. Because in the end there's someone who we can't mention, and who we won't mention."

(Episode 8)
"Life is like a traffic light. Sometimes the green light can help you speed up. Or the red light can make you come to a halt. But this moment, at the yellow light do we keep running, or come to a stop?"

(Episode 9)
"When we're wrapped up in happiness, we call it dream. Like a dream that never lasts forever is there no happiness ever after?"

(Episode 11)
"To weather a painful heartache is like becoming seashells alongside the ocean. Even though you may get crushed and shattered in the end, you will shine brighter, and become even more precious."

(Episode 12 - Finale)
"People are always full of surprises."
Min Do Hee

"Someone once said, a person's lifespan is 24 hours. If you can live your life following that belief, then the 24th year of your life means that its only 7:12 in the morning. That's the time you spend getting ready for the day once you're out of bed. It's now time to step out the door. Just because you're off to a late start in the morning doesn't mean that your whole day is over. Thus the prime of our lives is only just beginning."

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