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The Night Watchman's Journal (야경꾼일지) Quotes | Korean Drama

Drama Title: 야경꾼일지
English Title: The Night Watchman's Journal
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Action
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Channel: MBC
Original Run: August 4, 2014

(Episode 4)
""Without campassion, it's not human." You're not human if you don't have any compassion towards those who don't have much."
Moo Seok

(Episode 6)
"Things that are invisible, those might be the truth."
Lee Rin

(Episode 8)
"Finding the truth isn't always the best."
Jo Sang Heon

"Just because you can't see them, that doesn't mean they don't exist!."
Do Ha

(Episode 9)
"Invisible rumors are often stronger than swords."
Park Soo Jong

(Episode 15)
"Rumor will only grow on its own."
Prince Kisan

(Episode 17)
"There are some things that can't be stopped no matter how hard you try."

(Episode 23)
"No one does well from the beginning. You fail at times. But don't fall into despair and give up. Otherwise, you lose your chance."
Queen Min

(Episode 24 - Finale)
"A position isn't taken with power. It is taken with responsibility."
Prince Kisan

"You never know what will become of a person."
Lee Rin

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