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Plus Nine Boys (아홉수 소년) Quotes | Korean Drama

Drama Title: 아홉수 소년
English Title: Plus Nine Boys
Genre: Romance, Comedy
No. of Episodes: 14
Broadcast Channel: tvN
Original Run: August 29 - October 11, 2014

(Episode 2)
"There are some things we can't believe even though we see it with our own eyes. Actually we might just not want to believe it."
Kang Jin Goo

"If life became difficult one day, suddenly one day hope will come to you."
Kang Jin Goo

(Episode 3)
"A strong denial is a form of affirmation."
Kang Jin Goo

"Love can happen when you least expect it. And you can lose love just like that too. That's why you should seize love not wait for it."

(Episode 4)
"If we're meant to be we'll attract each other like magnets."

"Love comes unexpectedly. Once it approaches, there's no turning back."

(Episode 5)
"You can't hide feelings of love. They might not know, but others can tell."
Joo Da In

"Girls are like that. When they're in love they become prettier."
Ma Se Young's Friend

(Episode 6)
"The worst guys are the busy men."
Joo Da In

"A guy that comes all dressed up and flirts with your friends is the worst."
Ma Se Young

"The reason men and women have fought for ages is because they speak different languages."

(Episode 8)
"What changes a man isn't the world or time. What changes a man is the girl he loves."

(Episode 9)
"There is no special reason a woman opens her heart to a man. Sincerity that you feel with your whole body where no words or expressions are needed. That's the only key that can open a woman's heart."

(Episode 10)
"You can't always do what you want. We do it anyway even though we know we'll regret it. That's love."

(Episode 11)
"Love begins when all the secrets are gone."

(Episode 12)
"If you can't dive into love you don't deserve love."

"If you glue a broken dish together it's not really glued back properly."
Koo Bok Ja

"Love doesn't always go as planned. You come upon unexpected obstacles. Or you could get caught in new traps. That's why love is always difficult."

(Episode 13)
"We love each other so much, we struggle. We love each other so much, we're hurt. We love each other so much, we swallow our emotions. Love always gives us unexpected endings."

(Episode 14 - Finale)
"The best thing is someone whom you're comfortable with. Someone who's like a friend who'll accept the good and bad. That way you can be happy."
Koo Gwang Soo

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