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KPOP Dictionary

4D ㅡ 4 Dimensional, a person who has a very strong individuality or a unique personality. They have a different way of thinking, they act differently, They have high imagination.

Aegyo (애교) ㅡ Cute actions, often expressed through a baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures.

Agassi (아가씨) ㅡ Young lady.

Aigoo ㅡ "Oh dear!", "Oh man", something to say while sighing.

Ahjumma (아줌마) ㅡ Used to refer to middle-aged or older woman.

Ahjussi (아저씨) ㅡ Used to refer to middle-aged or older men.

Antis ㅡ People who criticize and attack the artists they don’t like, basically they're haters.

Babo ㅡ Fool.

Bagel Girl ㅡ A girl with a glamour body and a baby face.

Bias ㅡ Favorite member.

Black Ocean ㅡ When fans turn off their light stick during a groups performance, it is to show hatred or protest against the group.

Byuntae ㅡ Pervert, perverted.

CF ㅡ Commercial Film. Commercials or advertisments for TV, radio, etc.

Chingu ㅡ Friend.

Chocolate Abs ㅡ Defined abs.

Comeback ㅡ When a group comes back with new album/song after hiatus.

Debut ㅡ When a new group comes out with their first song/album.

Dongsaeng ㅡ Younger siblings.

Eye Smile ㅡ When the eyes of a celebrity form the shape of a smile as they smile.

Fanchant ㅡ Chants fans say or scream during live performances to show support.

Fandom ㅡ Fan club.

FanWars ㅡ When one fandom is fighting with another fandom.

Flower Boy ㅡ A very attractive guy who has slightly feminine features.

Hallyu Wave ㅡ The spread of Korean music outside of Korea.

Hoobae ㅡ Junior to a sunbae.

Hwaiting (Fighting) ㅡ Use to show encouragement, "fighting!" "good luck".

Hyung ㅡ What a male calls an older male as respect.

Jjang ㅡ The best.

Maknae ㅡ Youngest in the family or group.

MV ㅡ Music Video.

Netizen ㅡ Net Citizen. Internet users.

NG ㅡ Not Good. Refers to bloopers from magazine shoots, CF, MV, etc.

Noona ㅡ Used by males to refer an older female or sister.

Oppa ㅡ Used by female to refer an older brother or to her boyfriend. Can also be used as endearment to an older boyfriend.

Prection ㅡ Netizen slang for "precious", from a botched tattoo of Super Junior's Kangin, which says, "Actions are more prection than words.'

Sasaeng ㅡ Crazy stalkers posing as fans.

Selca ㅡ Self-camera, or self taken pictures or videos.

Stage ㅡ Konglish for "performance". Live programs or concerts.

Stans ㅡ Fans who are loyal.

Ulzzang ㅡ Best face.

Unni ㅡ Used by females to refer to older femal or sister.

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